5 best ideas on how to improve a nursery room with toys

A collage of children playing with toys in a playroom, showcasing ideas to improve a nursery with toys.

The nursery is often one of the most difficult rooms in your house to design and decorate. The reason is simple; you want the very best for your child. Even after you’ve managed to design the room you may struggle with the right toys and how to place them

Fortunately it is possible to improve a nursery room with toys and it is much easier than you think to get the right toys. These are the ones that your child will enjoy playing with which will also help their education.

Here are 5 great ways to improve a nursery room with toys:

  1. Baby Dolls

This is generally something for a girl’s room. A baby doll can help your child to explore their imagination and discover a new world of playtime. Even when your child is small the touch and feel of the doll will help them to understand the world round them.

A little girl is playing with a doll in front of a table, incorporating toys.

If you choose a high quality doll such as those made by Cheekytummy then you’ll add personality to the nursery room and help it to feel like a warm and safe place.

  1. Build The Toys In

If your baby loves playing in the ‘kitchen’ then add a small kitchen to their room. This will allow them to play using their imagination but you can also benefit as your child will effectively be tidying their room as they go.

Before and after pictures of a cardboard kitchen renovation.

The great thing about this is it’s really easy to do. Paint some standing vegetable baskets a bright color and put their play related items into them. Before you know it your child will be clearing up after themselves and having fun while doing it!

  1. Add Texture
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Choose as many toys as you can that have texture; these will be great for your baby to touch as they explore their room.

Combine the textured toys with a couch and you’ll have an area where your child can play. But most importantly this area will be bright and colorful; adding to the charm of the nursery while inspiring and educating your child.

A young girl creatively playing with a wall of toys.

You can even stick some of these textured toys to the walls to help create the right space for your baby’s growth.

  1. Go Large

It’s a great idea to select large toys when your child is young. These are easier for them to handle. They can also be a lot of fun as your child becomes part of the play.

For instance a dolls house which your toddler can actually walk into is great for their imaginative play. Or a tent over their bed will make them feel like they are camping every night.

A bed with a Nintendo Mario Kart tent on it, enhancing the nursery room with toys.

This will inspire their minds while helping to keep the room tidy and attractive.

  1. Keep It Simple

When children are very young they will struggle when faced with having to choose between more than 2 or 3 things. Therefore make it easier for them and remove the majority of the toys in their room or keep them out of sight. A new study even suggests that too many toys are bad for children.

This way you’ll be able to direct their attention to specific toys and help their decision making abilities.

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