Finding the Right Cheap Apartments for Rent

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Choosing an apartment to rent can be a stressful, time consuming, and intimidating process. There are so many factors to consider like location, cost of rent, quality of the apartment, and whether or not you’ll get along with the landlord.

Add to that being on a tight budget or fixed income and suddenly you begin to find yourself in some dire straits. However, there is lite at the end of the tunnel.

There are cheap apartments available that don’t come fully stocked with bullet holes in walls and cockroaches. Though those do exist.

But, with the right know-how and some careful research, you can find a cheap apartment to rent.

Deal Breakers

When it comes to finding cheap apartments for rent, there is going to have to be some compromise. You won’t find your dream home while looking for cheap apartments. However, it is good to know what your deal breakers are if you have any.

Compromise is one thing, but deal breakers are another. Identify those as quickly as possible. Be reasonable, don’t decide to settle for anything less than granite countertops. You probably won’t find those in too many cheap apartments.

Likewise, though, don’t settle for an apartment with shoddy A/C if you live in a hotter climate, or shoddy heating if living in a colder climate. Identify those deal breakers and stick to them as best you can.

Research the Market

Conduct your own research into the housing market of the area you are looking to live in. Get a feel for what types of places are being listed, how long the listing has been up for, and whether or not it has been listed multiple times. Meaning does the apartment have a high turnover rate.

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Finding out if a landlord has trouble keeping tenants might be difficult. Thankfully it is 2019. For honest reviews about landlords and apartments try to find facebook housing groups in the area you wish to live.

These groups are great for comparing places and getting honest reviews from people who lived in the apartment.

Be Choosy

Sounds counterproductive, it’s not. While what you might think is true; beggars can’t be choosy. And searching for cheap apartments for rent certainly seems to warrant the title of the beggar.

However, this doesn’t mean be choosy with your apartment. Instead, be choosy with your amenities. Sometimes apartments will entice new residents with amenities. While these may seem like a great trade-off for paying a little extra be cautious and shrewd.

Ask yourself if you would really use the amenities being offered. Maybe the landlord has a different offer for you. Don’t let the shiny gym equipment and shimmering pool water fool you. Be choosy, you’re on a budget.

Listing Services

In the case of finding a cheap apartment there are listing sites. Unlike dealing with a realtor or more traditional online listing sites, these sites deal with cheap apartments.

Some of these sites will partner with other companies which can yield deals on renter’s insurance, discounts on rent, and more. Be sure to still do research into the site to be sure it is reputable.

However, they are a great way to narrow your search down by location, price, amenities, and so on. They are great places to start and use time and again with every move.

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Finding Cheap Apartments

Finding an apartment can certainly be stressful and trying to find a cheap one can be even worse. But it isn’t all doomsday, brimstone, and fire, and Quite the opposite.

The only real challenge is realizing you’ll need to search a little differently and change your decision-making process.  The most important first step is to identify what your deal breakers are. Knowing those will help to ensure you don’t end up with a nice cheap closet for an apartment.

Don’t be afraid to be choosy with your amenities either. If you find yourself paying a little more than your budget for amenities; ask yourself if you really need the amenities. Some landlords may discount rent or a non-refundable fee for you.

Always do your research, don’t settle for unlivable conditions because of price, and don’t get swept up in the bells and whistles. You’ll find a cheap apartment worth its weight.

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