14 Ways to a Dream Loft Look

A loft with large windows overlooking the city.

Loft homes are the ultimate city-dweller’s dream.  Lofts afford amazing views, expansive ceilings and open space.  These urban homes have a distinct style that is architecturally interesting and very chic.  Here are 14 dream lofts to inspire you to achieve your very own city-chic vibe.

Loft Inspiration

Window walls are a dominant feature of lofts and provide plenty of natural light.  If you have windows in your own home, let them shine.  Take down heavy window treatments.  If you need privacy, install shades that can be lowered at night.

A modern loft with large windows and a dining table.
Expansive windows brighten this loft home (vivons-maison.com)

Sleek finishes are complemented with simple, comfortable seating.  Add softness to a sleek city look with the addition of comfortable upholstered pieces and plenty of throw pillows.

A loft with couches and a coffee table.
Cool gray tones appeal in this modern home (irenevanguin)

Wall shelving provides added storage in this beautifully appointed loft space.  The warm wood of the ceiling envelops the room, lending a cozy vibe.  Lacking storage?  Take advantage of wall space to add shelving.

A loft with a large window and bookshelves.
Lofty living (Decoist)

The spiral staircase divides this space in a very eye-catching way.  In open space living, define different areas by adding structural elements, such as half-walls or shelving units.

A spacious loft with a stylish spiral staircase.
A curved staircase highlights this loft (Chicago-curbed.com)

Bright and airy, this loft is a sweet city retreat.  Brighten your space with white walls and light wood flooring.  Neutral accents of gray and tan keep rooms understated.

A loft with large windows and a staircase.
Airy and bright city apartment (Pinterest)

Clean lines define this space and minimal accents keep attention focused on the architectural details and the view.  A variety of vertical and horizontal lines keeps a room interesting.

A modern loft kitchen with a view of the city.
Open space living (home-designing.com)

Many loft spaces have open ceilings that show off venting and other interior structural elements.  This can sometimes be desirable.  However, if you prefer a more finished look, installing a ceiling treatment is an option.

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A loft with large windows and a wooden floor.
Plenty of light in this home (realhomesmagazine.co.uk)

Low-profile modular seating lets the view take center stage in this light-filled space.  Expand your view and your living area seating with pieces that can be moved about.  Modular pieces are ideal for open floor plans, as they can be used together or separated to create various conversation areas.

A loft with large windows overlooking the city.
Vast views highlight this home (homedsgn.com)

Adding traditional touches to a modern space adds character.  Rugs, furnishings and even architectural elements all contribute to this.

A large loft with skylights.
Luxury loft living (6sqft.com)

Understated elegance prevails in this luxury city apartment loft.  Brighten up your rooms with overhead spotlighting.  Enhance the airiness of your space with furniture with visible legs.  Window panels from ceiling to floor elongate and soften.

A loft with hardwood floors and large windows.
Stylish luxury (6sqft.com)

This luxury home is full of lush textures and character-rich architectural elements.  A folding mirror screen behind the sofa expands the space and gives it depth.  Mixing textures is a great way to heighten the affect of a monochromatic room.  Textures give rooms depth and interest.

A loft with black furniture.
Luxurious living loft-style (6sqft.com)

Modern pops of color give this space personality.  Use complementary colors such as purple and red to set off a cool palette.  Gray walls and accent furniture balance and ground the space.

A loft with a large table and chairs.
A colorful city home (Interior Design Ideas)

A unique feature window defines this space.  Colorful artwork stands out against the white background of this serene home.  The rug adds color and defines and living area.  For a collection of art, white walls are the best backdrop.

A loft with a large window.
Artistry defines this home (The New York Times)

Sleek and elegant in understated tones, this loft apartment has amazing city views that take center stage.  Use subtle neutrals to let the view stand on its own as the focal point in a room.

A loft with large windows and a view of the city.
City views dominate this apartment (telescopespot.info)

Urban spaces offer a whole different view of city living.  Amazing cityscapes, walls of windows, high ceilings and architectural grandeur make up loft living.  Enjoy your own touch of city vibes by taking cues from these fabulous spaces.

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