Adding Curb Appeal with Beautiful Window Shutters

Three beautiful wooden shutters on a building.

Every home needs a facelift at some point or another. Usually, home owners decide to spruce up the interior of the house. After all, the kitchen and bathrooms often bring up the value of the house. Once those areas are finished, the backyard is typically next on the list of to-dos and make-overs for a house to bring in potential buyers. What owners often forget is that the first image that prospective buyers view is of the front, exterior of the house. No matter how much a homeowner repaints the exterior walls or trims the shrubbery around the front walkway, it’s the little details that can and will drive away buyers. One of these smaller details includes the windows and their shutters! There isn’t just a one-size-fits all for shutters or designs, so here are some beautiful window shutter ideas to bring the value of your house up to where it should be.

Two beautiful blue shutters with hearts on them on a stone wall.

One method for individualizing and updating your shutters is to have a stenciled shape placed within the shutters. You can choose to paint the shutters or leave them as is for this option. Simpler shapes will work better, especially since they are more recognizable and easier to put inside the shutter.


A beautiful window with green shutters on a stone wall.

The only acceptable way to have a shutter look antique-d is to for it to have a rustic feel. This manages it to look weathered but remain aesthetically pleasing. There are several techniques that you can use to give it this look, and then you’ll just have to paint over top to finish. Generally paler or duller shades tend to add to this style.

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A beautiful house with shutters on the front door and window.

Shapes and lines are other items to consider when redesigning your shutters. You want them to be proportionate to the length and height of the wall. If the window is rectangular, you may want shutters that create a square to play on shapes and lines.


A beautiful window with black shutters on a stone wall.

Similar to lines and shapes, you’ll want to pay attention to the edges and add little touches in this area as well. Adding a small window sill or flower bed can be a great way to achieve this.

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