10 Modern Patios That Make Posh Entertaining Spaces

A modern patio set with a view of the ocean.

These 10 modern patios make posh entertaining spaces. Indeed, the patio is an elegant place to relax, mix cocktails, and spend time with friends.

Some homes feature a patio instead of a deck. Because of the wide range of patio materials, you have many options. In fact, you have far more options than with a deck. Popular patio materials are flagstone, pavers, concrete, or teak. Therefore, use your imagination.

Frequently, modern patios are designed around stunning views. These patios overlook the sea. Imagine sitting out with friends. How relaxing!

Contemporary Patios

A modern patio set with a view of the ocean.
Indeed, this stunning patio overlooks the sea.Teakwood resists mildew in humid climates.
A modern patio furniture set on a patio overlooking the ocean.
Modern Patio offers an ocean view.

On the other hand, patios can take in mountain views.

Two modern orange lounge chairs on a balcony overlooking the mountains.
Indeed, the modern furniture adds color against the mountain view.
An outdoor dining area with a modern pergola.
Conversely, this mountain view is rustic yet modern.

However, many of us don’t have those views. Fortunately, we can create our own views. We can add water features. Swimming pools are popular in warm climates. In cooler climate, modern patios offer water features.

A modern outdoor living area with white couches and a pool.
Create a patio oasis.
A modern outdoor living area with a fireplace and pool.
Swim by day. Warm up by the fire on cool nights.
A modern patio with a water feature and a dog in it.
Indeed, this modern water feature adds flair.

While we can’t add mountains to our yard, we can add that mountain lodge feel. A fire pit solves this problem. It’s a modern patio element that’s desirable. Yet it has a cozy, charming look.

A modern patio with a fire pit and wicker furniture.
Stone fire pit lends charm.
A modern patio with a fire pit and seating area.
Invite friends to enjoy this posh, warm fire pit.
A modern stone fire pit in a backyard at dusk.
In fact, you can combine both fire and water.

Of course, no patio is complete without a bar area. This is where you will grill and chill with your friends.

A modern outdoor kitchen with a grill on a patio.
In fact, the grill area is the central point for many patios.

Finally, no patio is complete without great seating areas. Treat yourself…and your guests…to quality seating. Arrange seats in conversation groupings. Enjoying modern patios with posh amenities is one of life’s great pleasures.


The post emphasizes the allure and versatility of modern patios as prime spaces for relaxation and entertainment. Highlighting the elegance and sophistication these outdoor areas can bring to any home, it outlines various designs and features that can enhance a patio’s appeal. From choosing materials like flagstone, pavers, concrete, or teak to designing around breathtaking natural views such as oceans or mountains, the possibilities are vast. For those without natural landscapes, creating inviting atmospheres with water features, fire pits, or cozy, high-quality seating arrangements can transform a patio into a luxurious oasis. The inclusion of a bar or grill area underscores the patio’s role as a social hub, perfect for hosting gatherings or simply enjoying life’s finer moments in comfort and style.

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