Tricks and Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Some people dream of owning a spacious and expansive bathroom with a separate shower and tub, sinks, and a bench. Whether this gives a picture of your dream bathroom or not, it is possible to live up to the dream using various tricks. You don’t need ample space to make the bathroom look big. All you need is strategies and clever tricks to make the bathroom look spacious. Here are a few things to do.

Choose White Color

An easier way of giving the bathroom a spacious look is using white. According to experts, white tiles, vanity, paint, etc., make a space look bigger than it is. White receded naturally, giving more space. Furthermore, it reflects light instead of absorbing it. So, create a seamless appearance by adding white fixtures to the room.

A bathroom with white cabinets and marble counter tops showcasing modern design styles.

Make the Room Bright

Poor lighting makes the space look dull and small. Usually, bathrooms don’t get a lot of lighting, which is where most people go wrong. Proper lighting in the bathroom is crucial when you need to do various things like shaving or applying makeup. It is also essential if you want the space to look bigger. Therefore, hire professionals from to add lighting to your room. These bathroom remodelers will install light in different locations to help make your space look open and bright.

Install a Big Mirror

Adding a large mirror can make the bathroom look double its size. Although a large mirror is expensive, it offers a cheaper option than tiling. Make the mirror look more elegant by adding a beautiful frame. You can also choose a wall-to-wall tailored piece.

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A white bathroom with two sinks and a bathtub, featuring stylish bathroom mirror ideas.
A white bathroom with two sinks and a bathtub, featuring stylish bathroom mirror ideas.

Keep Few Items

If you don’t need a lot of storage in the bathroom, consider installing a small vanity to leave more space. Leaving an open space makes the region feel roomier and less stuff. You can have the toilet or tub under the vanity to enjoy the area.

Add a Glass Panel

Another way of making your bathroom look spacious is by replacing your shower curtain with a glass door or panel. The part of the room facing the shower will be visible, making the space look bigger. You can choose a tinted or frosted glass panel for more privacy. It may also be a good idea to skip the tub and go for a shower stall. It is easier to get in and out and will eliminate the bulk that consumes most of the small space.

Avoid Large Fixtures

Choosing large fixtures not only limits space but also makes the bathroom look small. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure every fixture, from bathtub to shower and vanity, is the right size based on your bathroom’s size. If you choose a freestanding tub, ensure you have space around it for cleaning. Freestanding bathtubs are fashionable but might not be the best option with limited space. Therefore, it is best to choose smaller fixtures to make the bathroom look spacious.

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These are the tricks to making your small bathroom look spacious. You don’t need to add space or break the bank to achieve it. All you need is to apply these strategies, and you will enjoy the bathroom of your dreams.

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