8 Tips for Relocating to Houston

A city skyline in Houston.

If you are looking at relocating to Houston, this is a fabulous idea. Houston is the fourth largest city in America, and continues to expand as more families and businesses realize the benefits of this cosmopolitan city. It’s ethnically diverse, with superb food and plenty of local attractions. 

The job market in Houston is booming, which is likely one of the main reasons that you are looking to relocate. The relatively low cost of living, expansive green space, and wide-ranging schooling options make this city an excellent choice for raising a family. However, moving to a new city or new state can be daunting and comes with a host of challenges.

 Houston is the city that raised Beyonce and is home to NASA, so you know it’s got to be remarkable. Moving can be equal parts exciting and overwhelming. If you are a fan of checklists and to-do lists, then you’ll relish in what comes next. We’ve created a list of five tips for relocating to Houston. 

Get a car

Many people are surprised that you need a car in a city as large as Houston. Unlike Washington D.C or New York City, it won’t be easy to rely solely on public transport in Houston. A long daily commute to work and heavy traffic are some of the drawbacks of living in this city. Remember that Houston’s heat and humidity will have you crying for well-functioning air conditioning. 

Get on the property ladder

Houston is relatively inexpensive to get on the property ladder. Despite the city going through rapid expansion over the last twenty years, housing prices have remained affordable, despite this development looking to continue. Whereas the idea of getting out of the rental market might have seemed ludicrous in your previous hometown, dreams of owning your own home might be obtainable in Houston. 

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Get recommendations

From where to find the best sushi to how to find a skilled furnace repair professional, seeking out recommendations when you are relocating to Houston is a must. Real estate agents, social media groups, and your local church are all excellent starting points. Rather than waiting for a faucet to burst to find a great plumber, reach out and start collating a list of recommendations early on. 

Prepare for emergencies

Houston is a fantastic place to live for many reasons, but the area’s propensity for tropical storms and hurricanes is not one of them. Ensure that your home and contents have the appropriate insurance that will cover any damages or temporary relocation expenses. We would also recommend having a disaster preparedness kit and running through an emergency plan with your entire family. 

Get your vitamin D

We can’t finish an article about relocating to Houston without mentioning the weather. Houston has marvelous weather if you are into golfing in February or dining outdoors in January. However, the mosquitoes, blasting sun, and sweltering humidity during the wet season can be difficult to deal with if you aren’t ready for it. Enjoy the sunshine, but be sure to prepare for the elements.

Get acquainted with the neighborhood

One of the first things you should do before you relocate is to familiarize yourself with the neighborhood. Get a feel of what makes it an ideal place for you to move to, and find areas that match your interest. This way, you’ll find a sense of belongingness from the moment you move in. If you can, become acquainted with your future neighbours to foster a sense of community.

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Get on the rodeo

In Houston, rodeos are a massively popular event. While you don’t have to become a real-life cowboy or cowgirl to experience the fun, try attending one of these events to get a feel for some true Texas culture. In case you don’t know, they host the Houston Livestock and Show Rodeo. This event happens once a year but lasts for at least 20 days, and they prepare for it the whole year round. 

Build a pool

If you’ve recently bought a house in Houston, it might be a good idea to entertain getting a pool if your property size allows it. There are no zoning laws in Houston that prevent you from making any additions in your property. Plus, the weather is perfect for taking a dip in the pool, especially on the hotter days of the summer. Since most properties in Houston have pools, it will make your home attractive to prospective buyers in case you decide to sell it later. 

Houston has the warmth and hospitality of a small town with the abundance of attractions and food options of a major metropolis. We know that you’ll never regret your decision to relocate to Houston, and we hope that our tips will make your move a bit easier.

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