Back to the Basics: 5 Simple Tips for Simplifying Your Move

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Moving is a teeth-grinding, hair-pulling process, which can be chaotic and overwhelming even for expert relocators. With these curveballs, detours, and speed bumps in mind, it’s vital to read up on how to improve your moving process.

At its core, moving house is comparable to cutting your hair: only you can decide what stays and what goes. To help you with that decision, here are five simple tips for simplifying your move. 

Partner with a reliable auto transportation provider

Transporting a vehicle adds to the complications inherent in moving from one location to another. On top of moving all the contents of your home, plus kids and pets, you have to find a way to get your vehicle safely from one place to another. Add more than one vehicle, and you’ve got a recipe for a massive headache. 

Don’t underestimate the value of a good auto transport company for simplifying your move. Choosing the wrong company can result in unpleasant consequences like late delivery, incorrect quotes, off-route destinations, or damage to your vehicle. On the other hand, the right company will have you sitting pretty on a flight without the need for cruise control or gas breaks.

Before committing to an auto transport provider, make sure they are insured and registered. Compare rates between companies, but don’t necessarily choose the cheapest company. Reliable auto transport companies like Guardian Auto Transport, a car shipping company in Texas, pride themselves on excellent communication and proactive services.

While the moving process can be expensive and nerve-racking, having your automobile transported doesn’t have to be. With a bit of planning, you can make the auto-moving process straightforward and stress-free.

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Use quality materials

One easy-to-miss step you can take to simplify your move is investing in quality materials. Without sturdy boxes and good packing tape, you may find yourself asking, “What was that crashing noise?” As an added measure, consider bubble wrap and packing paper to insulate your most precious belongings.

Pack smarter, not harder

While some aspects of a move merit a splurge, such as a reputable vehicle moving company and buying quality boxes, saving money and space should be paramount throughout the rest of the process.

You can do this by killing two birds with one stone where possible. For example, you can use towels and clothing as cushioning for your fragile items. Any clothes that aren’t protecting things like wine glasses and plates should be rolled, not folded, to save space.

You’ll also want to keep heavier items in smaller boxes. Not only will this ensure the boxes don’t break, but your back will thank you.

Label your boxes

What gets packed must get unpacked. Use color coding or label each box in clear permanent marker to make setting up your new home less stressful. You’ll save yourself a lot of grief if you don’t have to spend time playing mystery boxes in your new space.

Pack a welcome home kit

Don’t let your essentials get lost in the shuffle. For instance, you may want your chargers, some coffee, or even a book or two to stay within reach. Of course, what’s considered a must for day one will vary by person, but assembling a welcome home kit can make the big day a much kinder experience. 

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Before you head out

Having a smooth move will set you up for success as you adjust to a new neighborhood. Remember, there is so much more to moving than moving itself, so do whatever you can to simplify the process. Do your research, and don’t forget to smell the roses when you arrive at your new home.

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