Solving storage needs with complex bed sets

A storage ottoman solving storage needs in a living room.

Whether you are moving into a studio apartment, want to expand your bedroom furniture to match your tastes as a young adult, or simply have a need to organize, complex bed sets are the way to go. Going beyond just an average bed and nightstands, a furniture collection with every type of bedroom furniture you can think of is awaiting you on furniture retail sites online. 

And, of course, the best storage is hidden storage. Not only does it keep your home from becoming cluttered, but multi-purpose furniture is also a great way to make excellent use of limited space. Here are some of the best ideas for bedroom furniture with storage features.

Storage benches and ottomans

If you like to have a solid place to sit as you get ready for the day, an ottoman or bedroom bench fits the bill nicely. Getting benches and ottomans that offer dustproof and pest retardant interior storage for anything you only need on occasion.

Built-in under bed storage

There are some beds that are available with either a trundle or drawer storage built into the frame. If you aren’t going to need a trundle, this is a great option from more complex furniture collections.

A wooden day bed with a trundle, showcasing different types of beds.

Armoires and chests

If you have a bigger space and just need more storage, you can look into complex bed sets that include an armoire, chests, and/or media chests. Armoires are a great option if you need some adjustable shelves or additional cedar-lined compartments for storing extra blankets and quilts. Media chests match these furniture sets perfectly while giving you a modern solution to cord management and media storage.

Nightstands with built-in storage

A bedside table with a lamp and a plant, solving storage needs.

Nightstands designed to store often-used items should have a drawer and/or shelf organization options, without taking away from the convenience of an empty space. Some of the best bedroom furniture collections include nightstands that have a pull-out drink shelf so that everything else can remain in place.

Headboards with shelves and lighting

Although not as popular as they once were, you can still get headboards for your bed that have shelves and lighting built-in. Updated versions offer charging stations, cord management, and shelves for small items.

Jewelry armoires

If you have a lot of jewelry that you wear on a regular basis, a matching jewelry armoire is a must. There are a lot of variations, with some vanities or floor mirrors offering hidden jewelry storage. These armoires often resemble a smaller or slimmer version of your matching dresser or chest of drawers. Some wardrobe armoires also have built-in jewelry storage.

Where to find the most complete furniture collections

Now that you have an idea of your options for hidden storage, where will you find these expanded sets? You won’t find complex furniture sets at your local furniture retailer. Instead, turn to the internet for the most complete bed sets at the best prices.

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