Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Walk-In Tubs

A woman is relaxing in a walk-in tub in a bathroom.

It’s essential to do a lot of research into any large purchase you make, and walk-in tubs are no exception. You’ve likely taken plenty of time to learn more about senior bathtubs, their features, and the various brands and models out there—and that’s excellent. However, there are probably still a few things that you haven’t considered and that a lot of other articles don’t think to mention. Keep reading to learn some things you probably didn’t know about walk-in tubs.

They Need More Water

Walk-in tubs can typically fit into the cutout of your existing tub—but that doesn’t mean they require the same amount of water. Because you’re not in a reclined position in these tubs, they have to be filled to a higher level to submerge you in water properly. This means that they’re going to use more water than your old tub.

Why is this important? There are two reasons: First, you need to ensure that your water heater is large enough to accommodate your new tub’s hot water needs. Second, you might want to have your tub installers verify that your floor’s supports are strong enough to hold a walk-in tub. More water, of course, means more weight, and some floors may need to be reinforced before installation.

You Can’t Slouch Down

Walk-in tub seats are very upright, especially compared to the reclined position that people assume when using a standard tub. While, as mentioned, the walk-in tub will fill up to a much higher level to cover most of your body, your shoulders, neck, and head will remain above the water. It’s essential that you understand this and not try to slouch down to submerge your shoulders or wet your hair. This is unsafe, especially if you should slip off the seat’s edge and into the tub’s footwell.

The Perfect Bathroom Furniture Style That You Should Think About

When you want to wet your shoulders or wash your hair, your tub has a handheld sprayer that you can use for this. It’s important to remember this when using your walk-in tub for the first time so that you can manage your expectations and stay safe.

Combos Are an Option

When discussing accessible bathing options, most people only talk about walk-in tubs or walk-in shower stalls. However, there’s a third option: the walk-in shower and tub combo. This combination gives users the safety and accessibility of a walk-in tub, but with the option to take a quick shower as well. If you’re considering a walk-in tub, make sure you don’t overlook the walk-in shower-tub for seniors as a viable bathing option. 

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