Inward- vs. Outward-Opening Doors on Walk-In Bathtubs

Walk-in bathtubs offer exceptional safety and accessibility benefits for users, especially those with limited or reduced mobility. By providing a low-entry step with a door, walk-in tubs eliminate the need to climb over a high, slippery ledge when entering or exiting the bath. The door on a walk-in tub can either swing outwards or inwards, and both of these options have their pros and cons. Please keep reading to learn what they are.

Inward-Opening Doors

Inward-opening doors tend to be the more common option on walk-in tubs. The primary reason for this is that it offers better leak protection around the door. When the tub fills, the water creates a natural pressure against the door that helps to keep it closed; if the door opens outwards, that pressure is working against the door’s seal rather than working with.

In addition to this, an inward-swinging door is much easier for the bather to close once inside the tub. You can slide in, sit down, and push the door shut without having to lean out of the tub to reach the door and close it. This is especially important for those who may not have the strength or balance for such a maneuver.

Finally, an inward-swinging door makes tub installation a bit easier. Because you don’t have to worry about keeping the tub door path clear, you can install it in a smaller space without being concerned about whether or not you’ll be able to open the door on your tub.

Outward-Opening Doors

Outward-swinging doors are less commonly seen on walk-in tubs, but they are available for those who need the benefits they offer. Larger walk-in tub users can often find it difficult to enter their tub if the door swings inward. This positioning creates a narrower path of entry for the bather, which may be insufficient for some users. While a larger tub might correct this problem, some prefer to have a door that swings outwards to maneuver around more fluidly when getting in and out of the tub.

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An outward-opening door is also essential for anyone using a wheelchair. Transferring from a wheelchair to a tub with an inward-swinging entry is extremely difficult due to the narrower space. If you use a wheelchair, an outward-swinging door is what you need.

But no matter what type of doors they have, walk-in bathtubs can provide their users with more excellent safety and independence while bathing, which can significantly improve users’ overall quality of life.


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