Top Modern Bathroom Design Trends for 2022

A modern bathroom with a tub.

Simply put, the modern bathroom design trends are constantly evolving and turning this place into something that can stand out. Therefore, the elegant comfort, minimalist style, and natural materials can easily paddle trendy ideas for a practical and beautiful bathroom. No wonder, there has been a sudden shift towards bathroom embellishment, since a luxury bathroom can uplift the mood of an individual. 

Furthermore, the incorporation of vibrant colors and excessive décor can both add to the beauty of this place. On the other hand, if the place doesn’t look like eye candy, it will be hard for you to let yourself loose. Here, we will shed light on the bathroom trends that will be all over the place by 2022:

Organic Design Ideas

The round and oval shape designs open up new horizons in the bathroom design. Therefore, the next year is all set to unfold intriguing egg-shaped and sphere-shaped designs that will uplift wall mirrors, bathroom lighting and also change the fixtures. Therefore, the interior will be organic without the use of straight angles or rigid structures. So the curves that are inspired by the living things will be the focal point for creating intriguing designs in the bathroom


The Glass Partitions

Although the glass partition has become a part of popular culture but is all set to become the hottest trend for the next year. Today, glass wall designs are available everywhere and will set new benchmarks in 2022. Furthermore, the sliding glass partition will save space and make the place look less contemporary. This will eventually add more style to the bathroom and create open space for everyone. Consult the Hotondo Home builders in Canberra to get the glasswork professionally done. 

How To Create a Perfect Spa Bathroom


The modern tiles are prepared with a minimalist approach and natural wood for trending bathrooms. The wood-like tile designs look stunning on the floors and walls, eventually adding pleasant illusions to the modern bathroom designs. Therefore, the salvaged wood in every form will look stylish in the bathroom. No wonder, woodcuts look amazing and make for the perfect decoration for expensive and unique bathroom designs. 

A small bathroom with wooden beams and a tub.

Shower Design

A shower is an ultimate show-stopper because it can improve the visual appeal of the bathroom. Secondly, when glass and LED lights are infused, they will light up the entire space to make it look classier. No wonder, the right shower design has the strength to accentuate the look of the bathroom. Even if the rest of the parts haven’t been embellished to the fullest, a unique shower design will do the talking. 

Industrial Style

As seen in many homes, the industrial style works best for a minimalist approach. The concrete and metalwork help you create the best contrast to amplify the beauty of your contemporary home design. However, if not done right, it will deteriorate the final look of the bathroom. Thankfully, since the professional home builders help in settling for the best designs in the bathroom, you can rest assured of a stunning look. 

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