Stylish Key Storage Ideas

A gold plate with unique keys for creative key storage ideas.

Most people lose their keys at some point throughout their life. If not lose, then they at least misplace these important little pieces of metal. Some people just throw their keys onto a nearby table or nightstand. Although these are conevnient places, they come with a risk of keys being knocked off to land on the floor, under a table or behind other furniture.To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, make sure to utilize one of these unique and stylish key storage ideas for easy key finding.


Key storage idea using a bowl made out of keys on a white surface.

1. Bowls

You can use a decorative art bowl to add some flair. Perhaps a white square bowl with a nice texture or design for a more sophisticated look. Like recycling? Then try a recycled paper bowl to further your green lifestyle.


A key holder with multiple keys for efficient key storage.

2. Box

This key storage idea isn’t talking about just your average run-of-the-mill cardboard box… try an old jewelry box on for size. Another option is to visit a craft store and buy a small wooden box to decorate yourself. Or, visit pawn shops and thrift stores for some one-of-a-kind finds to keep your keys from playing hide-and-go-seek!

Three bronze mannequins on top of a table used for key storage ideas.

3. Figurine/ Jewelry Holder

Ever see a nice jewelry holder or a figurine but have no reason to get it? These can be a fun and different way to hold your keys. Find one that matches the style or color of your room so it matches your room.


A wine bottle displayed next to a wall-mounted chalkboard.

4. Wall Cabinet

Sometimes there is no furniture space to store your metal door openers, so why not utilize a space some forget about? The wall is a great way to keep them from small hands or furry friends, after all.

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A metal coat rack with three birds hanging on it - innovative key storage idea.

5. Key Hanger

Think of these as mini coat-hangers, but for your keys. They are becoming more popular, with some wonderful neat designs now out in the market. They are also a great way to keep sets of keys separate to reduce confusion and grabbing the wrong one.

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