How to Design a Bathroom You’re Going to Love

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Are you trying to design a dream bathroom, but you need some help? Read this article to learn how to design a bathroom you’ll love.

Is your bathroom looking dull and dated? Does it need a serious makeover? You can take your bathroom from drab to dreamy, with a few fundamental design tips.

Whether you’re hiring a professional to remodel and design your bathroom or are doing a DIY project, it’s essential to know some key elements of bathroom design. Here’s how to design a bathroom.

Plan a Smart Layout

Before interior designers coordinate the beautiful designs you see in magazines, they need to consider function. This means knowing where bathroom water lines, drains, and vents are located. 

Your layout must be planned around these essentials. Bathrooms typically offer three layout options. They include one wall bathrooms, two wall bathrooms, and three wall bathrooms. 

Wall Layout Differences

A one-wall layout means your toilet, shower, and sink area sit on the same wall. This may be the cheapest way to layout your bathroom space, but it can also limit your options.

Two wall layouts provide homeowners with more space and design opportunities. In this layout, you can separate your toilet from your sink or your shower from your toilet. A three-wall option is the best but it will cost more. 

When planning your layout, you need to consider more than function, you need to keep aesthetics in mind as well. After all, you want your bathroom to look stylish and attractive! Once you choose some great bathroom products, see how they look in interior design software programs like AutoCAD or Sketchup.

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Choosing Your Bathroom Sink

The sky is the limit when shopping for a bathroom sink. Manufacturers make bathroom sinks in a variety of designs and styles for different tastes. And finishes feature everything from porcelain to glass to brass and more.

Self-rimming sinks are economical and easy to install. They’re dropped into a precut hole in the countertop on your vanity. The downside: they can be difficult to clean around the rim.

When easy cleaning is a priority, opt for an under-mount bathroom sink or integral bathroom sink that comes with a vanity countertop. These two types of sinks make cleaning up countertop messes easier to go into the sink.

Sink Shapes and Styles

Sinks come in a variety of shapes from oblong to circular to square and more. You can mount some sinks to the wall and some newer sinks appear as if they’re floating on top of the counter.

If you’re considering a pedestal sink with no space beneath for storage. Make sure to add shelving like a medicine cabinet or a closet into your bathroom design to hold your bathroom essentials.

Looking Good: The Key to Good Lighting Design

When it comes to lighting, the most important lighting will be around your mirror. Make sure to balance lighting around the mirror, so the lights illuminate both sides of your face. When a man is shaving or a woman is applying makeup, it’s important to have consistent lighting on the left and right sides of the mirror.

One option is to install wall mount lights on both sides of the mirror placed at eye level and one light above the mirror. This will shine even light on the face while removing possible shadows.

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Stores make a variety of lighting fixtures in a variety of fixture finishes and bulb style options. Try small pendant lighting for an old-fashioned touch or big round bulb fixture for the look of Hollywood glamor.

You’ll also want to have a ceiling fixture to vary the mood of lighting. Chandeliers add an elegant, stylish touch. If you’re installing an enclosed shower, you’ll need vapor-proof lighting.

Accent lighting can shine a light on a special home decor item like a statue. Or put a spotlight on a unique architectural feature like a deep archway or distinctive molding.

Make a Statement with a Free Standing Tub

The focal point of many bathroom designs is often the tub. Tubs often determine how to coordinate the other design elements of your bathroom and the best way to design a bathroom.

A soaking tub is freestanding. It can come with a pedestal base or feet like a clawfoot tub as well as other designs. But when you’re considering a jet stream tub or an air tub, you’ll need to consider the placement of your pump, electric timer, and the air switch. 

Some tub manufacturers supply room for these in the tub unit. But others require the timer and pump to be placed around five feet from the tub. This means you’ll need a nearby closet or storage area to conceal them.

This storage will need to be factored into your design plan. Selecting your tub first will make the rest of your bathroom design more flexible. You’ll also need to know if your water heater can handle the amount of hot water poured into your tub. 

Know the Weight Your Floor Can Handle

Another critical factor: you need to consider is the weight of your tub. Make sure your floor can support the weight of your tub filled with water. Bathtubs generally hold 25 to 150 gallons of water. One gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds.

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A cast iron bathtub that can weigh from 240 to 500 pounds. Before you make your purchase, especially if you’re bathroom is on the second floor, make sure your floor can handle the weight of your tub with water in it.

You may need to get one smaller tub or reinforce your floor. Speak to a contractor to learn your options.

The Takeaway: How to Design a Bathroom You Adore

Now you know more about how to design a bathroom with style and function. As you can see, you have so many design choices to choose from.

Looking for more design ideas for your home? Explore more home design content on our blog.

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