Reclaim your Outdoor Space with a Garden Revamp

Reclaim your Outdoor Space with a Collage of Outdoor Furniture Pictures.

Australians are well known for their love of outdoors and this is reflected in the patios and terraces that are found in almost every garden. With such glorious weather, the exterior living space is an integral part of the outdoor lifestyle and if your garden is looking a little jaded, here are some great ideas to brighten up your outdoor rest and relaxation area.

Stylish and Elegant Shading

Prior to making any changes, you do need adequate shading and if you like the sun on occasions, a retractable awning is the ideal solution.

An awning on a deck enhances your outdoor space.

Tailored to fit the terrace, there are stand-alone models or those that are affixed to the exterior wall, in fact, whatever your shading needs, there will be a style and design that is perfect. Cantilevered umbrellas are a stylish way to shade your terrace and with affordable outdoor furniture in Melbourne that includes a wide range of temporary or permanent shading solutions. Motorised versions ensure effortless adjustment and with wind and sun sensors, the awning will adjust itself as the day progresses. If you live in a smart home, the awning can be incorporated into the network, allowing you instant control from your smartphone app. With the sun seemingly getting stronger by the year and the worry of sun damage from UV rays, this is a very important factor to consider, especially if you have a family.

Outdoor Furniture

Rather than spending hours driving around looking at garden furniture, spend some time browsing online, which gives you a much wider scope and with an online supplier, prices will be lower than the traditional garden centre.

Expert's Checklist for a Budget-Friendly Home DIY Project

Reclaim your Outdoor Space with a Wooden Deck

When looking at chairs and tables, always look for durability as well as style and whether you prefer something natural like rattan or bamboo, or a modern composite construction, comfort should be high on the list. Hammocks are ideal, as are hanging chairs, and choosing colours that contrast well with the awning will add some depth.

Exterior Lighting

When the sun goes down, your lighting becomes an integral part of the overall ambience and with innovative LED solutions and solar powered garden units, there’s no limit to what you can do.

Solar powered garden lights on a sidewalk revamp.

LED post lamps around the terrace and walkways will certainly provide adequate general lighting and with some ground level lighting tucked away in the borders, you can create a glowing warmth. If you have a few tables and chairs in one corner, tasteful table lamps are a great idea and with solar powered units, there are no power leads to clutter the terrace.

Cooking Equipment

A patio demands a cooking area and whether you prefer a portable BBQ or a complete customised outdoor kitchen, there are online suppliers of outdoor cooking equipment and a little browsing will likely lead you to the ideal solution.


Reclaim your outdoor space with an upgraded garden featuring an outdoor kitchen.

You could build a brick BBQ in one corner and buy a few stainless-steel storage units that double up as worktops and with a couple of roller blinds to act as a windbreak, your cooking area is ready for the coming summer.

Solid Foundation

To be able to enjoy your outdoor space you will need to think about building a solid foundation. This will give you a leveled area in you garden where you can walk around without worrying about tripping over. It will also provide a solid base where you can put your patio furniture and BBQ. There is nothing worse than making yourself a cold drink and wandering out to a relaxing garden chair, only to find you are tilted to one side or rocking from side to side due to a sloped or uneven surface. So what are the options? The most common choices are to use decking to create a slightly raised terrace or to lay stone paving in your area of choice.

Decorating With Candles

Reclaim your Outdoor Space with a Patio Renovation featuring a Fire Pit.

Convenience is not the only reason to build a solid foundation for you to enjoy your outdoor space, the look of solid timber decking or large sandstone paving labs make a very visually appealing addition to any garden.

Consider Views

When planning your garden makeover, make sure you take into accounts any potential views that you have from your garden. If you have a fence or some bush’s at the end of your garden which is blocking your view, consider building a terrace or raised decking area to elevate you and allow you to enjoy the views which are lurking just overhead.

If you shop wisely and get a little creative, you can transform your garden into a place that you and the family can enjoy the summer in comfort and with online suppliers of outdoor furniture and fittings, revamping the garden won’t cost as much as you thought.

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