7 Simple Ways to Update Your Living Room

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If a complete revamp of your living room is not within your economic or time budget, there are a variety of updates and changes you can make that may be within your reach.  Here are seven simple ways to update your living room.

  1.  Statement Art

An interesting painting, framed print or photograph can give your living room a voice.  If it speaks to you, it can make an impact on your interior.  Art is a great way to add color and dimension to your living room.  If you currently have an art piece in place, consider alternating it with another for a fresh look.

A living room with a large painting on the wall can be updated using 7 simple ways.
A statement piece of art is a great way to update your living room (decorcology)
A living room with a large painting on the wall updated.
A large painting is the focal point of this stylish living room (yourshow.xyz)

2.  Lamps

Lamps come in so many wonderful styles and many are absolute works of art in their design.  Refresh and update your living room instantly with a pair of new table lamps.  If you love your lamps but want a quick change, shop for new lampshades.  Try out a bold color or interesting pattern or texture.

A living room with a large window transformed using 7 simple ways.
A chic and stylish living room (designshuffle)
Simple Ways to Update Your Living Room with chairs and a lamp.
A beautiful lamp can update a living room (Houzz)

3.  Flowers

A bouquet of flowers is a quick way to add fresh color to your living room.  Even an inexpensive grocery store bouquet placed in a beautiful vase can give a room a boost of natural freshness.

A black couch in a modern living room.
Flowers can uplift the living room décor (HGTV)

4.  Statement Chair(s)

If you want to purchase just one item to update your living room, a statement chair is a good choice.  Not only is a chair functional but it will infuse your room with personal style, depending on the design and fabric you choose.  For a less expensive route, scour flea markets for a chair or set of chairs with good structure and have them reupholstered in a great new fabric.  Or simply use slipcovers to change your current seating.

What is Wabi Sabi Style?
7 Simple Ways to Update Your Living Room with Two white furry chairs.
Statement chairs are a stylish way to update the living room (venzedits)
7 Simple Ways to Update Your Modern Living Room with a Large Painting.
A classic Egg chair makes a bold statement in this living room (home-designing)

5.  Area Rug

An area rug truly makes a big difference in a room.  It can quickly update a room and bring extra life, color, texture and warmth to a space.  An area rug can define a seating area that is within an open space.  Use different rugs within an open concept home to anchor spaces for living and dining.  Choose area rugs with brilliant colors or patterns.  For added texture, use faux fur or faux animal skin rugs.

A living room with a brick wall, updated.
An area rug can change the look of a room (decoist)
7 Simple Ways to Update Your Living Room with Green Walls and a Zebra Rug.
Area rugs define spaces in this open living area (shoproomideas)

6.  Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a very simple way to add color, form and texture to your living room.  Choose a variety of colors, shapes and sizes to complement or contrast your sofa and chairs.  Take color cues from artwork, rugs and accessories.

7 Simple Ways to Update Your Living Room with a brown couch and orange pillows.
Bright throw pillows add a pop of color and texture to this living room (HGTV)
7 Simple Ways to Update Your Living Room with a blue couch and blue pillows.
Blue and white patterned pillows add interest and color to this living room (memorabledecor)

7.  Furniture Hardware

Update the hardware on furniture.  Purchase new knobs and drawer pulls for tables, chests and cabinets.  You can even exchange those boring plastic electrical switchplates with more interesting designs.

Ginkgo leaf earrings.
Gingko leaf furniture hardware by Notting Hill Decorative Hardware (nottinghillhardware.wordpress)
A set of ceramic knobs with leaves on them to update your living room.
Leaf knobs add a touch of nature to furniture and cabinets (dcd.uk.org)

These are just a few simple ideas for updating your living room.  With just a little thought and imagination, you can make other changes to give your living room a little boost or a whole new look.



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