Bathroom Mirror Remodels as Money Makers

A bathroom remodel featuring two sinks and a mirror.

Most realtors will tell you that there are two main rooms in a house that can amp up the value big time. First, the kitchen. As for the second most important room requiring remodeling… the bathroom. Redesigning these rooms, let alone any room, can cost a lot of money but promise great rewards. Not everyone is able to afford a full renovation all at once. The best thing to do in this situation is not to forget about it, but do it in small steps. Tile, paint and new showers can be costly when renovating a bathroom, so start with smaller-ticket items. Here are some bathroom mirror remodels to give you inspiration as you go through this process!

A remodeled bathroom with two sinks and a mirror.













This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to redo your bathroom mirror in order to increase the value of this room. No matter if you have a small or large bathroom, there is a mirror to fit that can have a frame placed around it. Options: metallic, wooden, painted, rustic

A bathroom with a remodelled ornate mirror.













If you’d rather not cut and border a mirror yourself, you can save the hassle by buying a pre-framed one. Depending on where you choose to buy this it can be pricey. The best bet is to visit an antique store, pawn shop or yard sale to see if there are any for sale (and possibly haggle the price further down). You can choose to leave it antique looking or spruce it up with some cleaning solutions. Tip: Like the picture above, place the mirror on an adjacent wall. This can be beneficial for those who have no space above the sink for a mirror. There is no golden rule saying mirrors must be above the sink~

Decorating With Candles
A bathroom vanity with a mirror for a remodel.















Mirrors don’t have to be square or oval, they can be any shape. They also don’t have to cover the entire span of the wall they are on. This can be the only change needed to redo this aspect of your bathroom. Shapes: Small, large, scalloped, geometric, curvy, collage-effect

A renovated bathroom with a sink and mirror.


Although framing is still a popular bathroom mirror remodel, you an opt for a sleeker, modern-style mirror. These are often without a frame and in a simple shape. You can also opt to have it illuminated from the back or within, like the one pictured above.

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