Yellow Accents- Dare to Brighten up your home

A living room with yellow accents and a tree mural.

Being the lightest hue in the spectrum, yellow is perceived to be optimistic and cheerful. However, it can be tiring and overwhelming. How we experience the color yellow has much to do with our preferences and culture.

Color is an essential part of the way we perceive the world. How one responds to colors used in interior design, art or architecture has made the subject of numerous studies. In the 17th century, Sir Isaac Newton created the first color wheel. The color wheel was used by Johann Wolfgang Goethe in his “Theory of color”. The thesis, published in 1810, explored the nature and psychology of color.

In Goethe’s opinion, yellow “in its highest purity, always carries with it the nature of brightness, and has a serene, gay, softly exciting character… in its utmost power is serene and noble.” Another positive opinion about yellow comes from Wassily Kandinsky. He was a Russian painter and theorist, who brought pure abstraction into modern art. According to him, “A picture painted in yellow always radiates spiritual warmth.”

Your home is also a canvas, a 3D one. Have you ever considered “painting” it with yellow accents? We found 11 décor examples that prove how stylish and exciting yellow can be. Let’s check them out.

A dining room with yellow accents.
Stylish blue and yellow decor (
A living room with yellow accents.
Spice things up with a beautiful yellow lamp (
A black and white living room with a yellow wicker chair and yellow accents.
Yellow focus point (
A white table with yellow stools in front of a brick wall with yellow accents.
Yellow accents are placed in the spotlight by a warm brick wall (
A stairway with yellow accents and a bicycle leaning against it.
Contemporary yellow accents (
A hallway with a yellow line and accents.
Yellow accents: Brighten up your hallway (
An office with yellow accents, including a table and chairs, and a sign on the wall.
Beauty comes in yellow- Office designed by Anna Butele (
Keywords: colorful mural, yellow accents
Stripes of color liven up the balcony (
A dining room with yellow accents and a white tablecloth.
Simple yet sophisticated dining room with yellow accents (
A kitchen with yellow accents.
Dare to color – Bring yellow accents into your kitchen (

The key to decorating with yellow accents is moderation. Don’t go crazy with the color as too much yellow can create visual discomfort. Find a balance. Don’t use yellow in a single corner or on a single object. You should have a focus point and create flow, so that the eye will follow and explore the entire room.

Designer Focus: Kelly Wearstler

Introduce yellow and let allow your home to radiate “spiritual warmth”. Let us know, would you consider decorating with yellow accents?

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