A Sneaky Great Purchase for Your Bathroom That You’ll Enjoy Every Day

A bathroom with a large tub and an indoor garden view.

In the last few decades, bathrooms have conceptually evolved. There was a time when bathrooms were casually built areas of a home, work or public space. Today, most of them are standardized for the better. 

Even though bathrooms for houses or apartments are built pretty well these days, designing the bathroom for additional comfort is completely at the homeowner’s or renter’s discretion. 

A small bathroom with two sinks and a bathtub.

The home decor market has grown significantly in the last decade. People are finally realizing that they should build and design a home they love enough to spend most of their time there. 

In metropolitan cities like New York City, for example, most people spend a lot of time outside the house simply because the house probably lacks comfort and isn’t aesthetically pleasing. But of course, we are only talking about the common man here, the rich have no boundaries whatsoever when it comes to decorating every part of their home, including the bathroom. 

Luxurious bathrooms with jacuzzis, hot tubs, classy tiles, big bathtubs, fancy showers, steam, and changing rooms are often blogged about. In fact, getting well-designed mirrors and multiple sinks in the bathroom is also trending. 

A bathroom with blue tiled walls and a bathtub, improved design.

The average American though has to think about minor changes to the restrooms in the house that can make a difference day-to-day. Americans as a majority do not invest in making bathrooms extra comfortable like the Japanese for example. 

Making a basic bathroom comfortable in all aspects is not very difficult. You have a shower, shower curtains, tiles, maybe a bathtub if you are not in a metro city, a sink, some storage underneath and you may think you are all set. 

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To be honest, if you have the above setup, yes you have a bathroom but have you ever thought that each of these utility items in your bathroom can be enhanced along with the vibe of the bathroom itself? The answer is yes, there’s no harm in making the place where you do your business worth the time spent there. 

An upgraded bathroom with a glass shower and sink.

In terms of the shower, it is easy to find square showers that can be installed easily. Most of them have multiple pressure settings that help you literally massage your body while taking a shower. Setting up a shower that makes you feel good and sing along is a great way to start the day. 

There are a lot of cool shower curtains available in the market. When I lived in Chicago, I had a shower curtain that had the Chicago subway map printed on it so I could plan my travel for the day while I was taking a shower. How cool is that! Think of something innovative or just pretty that you can find and put thought into those curtains. 

Get a nice washable rug for your tiles in the bathroom. Keep the tiles clean and wash the rug often. It’ll feel good to put your feet on a cozy rug once you get out of that shower, or when you are doing your business. 

A monochrome bathroom with a transparent shower.

Make sure you organize your sink, a nice mirror above it, maybe a magnifying mirror on one side that will help the men shave and women apply makeup. Think it through, when a sink is organized, getting ready becomes easy. 

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If you do have a bathtub, putting a rubber mat is advisable. Also, buy some nice bath bombs, maybe some scented candles. Let all those baths be a zen experience. If you have one you might as well make the best of it. 

Now let’s get to the main point, the most important part of a bathroom that is hard to maintain, clean and often uncomfortable for most people – the toilet. In fact, most of us even feel shy talking about the toilet but we really shouldn’t. Yes, it is our place of business but also, most of our guests are exposed to it.

A small bathroom with mirrors and a rug.
This design can make some serious headlines, just look how unique it is.

Let’s be honest, a toilet is pretty much incomplete without padded toilet seats. There are a lot of people that don’t think about enhancing the toilet itself and some people that go overboard with some carpeted material on their toilet seat. The only item that is needed to be comfortable is a perfectly padded toilet seat. 

If you need help with your purchase, GiftWits has curated a list of some inexpensive but great options of padded toilet seats in the market that you can choose from. 

This sneaky great purchase for your toilet can make a big difference in terms of using the toilet whether it is for you or your guests. It really doesn’t cost much to have this as an add-on. 

A beautiful blue tiled bathroom with a glass shower stall.
Beautiful blue tiles in the bathroom (designingcity)

Padded toilet seats keep things comfortable as they are nice and cushy. Also, if you have any disabled people visiting the house, they could be useful. If you happen to have toddlers in the house and they need to be trained to do their business, padded toilet seats are a great help. 

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These seats are good for elderly people in general and one of the plus points is that regular toilet seats are generally cold, padded ones remain warm. Padded seats are also extremely easy to clean and usually available in different shapes and sizes that work with the toilet you have. 

Hard toilet seats also get sticky and unsanitary in summer months when it gets really hot. Padded seats maintain temperature well. Just like the disabled, older people as well are better off with padded seats as the balance is just way better along with the comfort of the pads. 

A bathroom with a sink.
Subtle mother of pearl tiles add sparkle and luxury to one wall of the bathroom (pinterest.com)

Overall, padded toilet seats make for an amazing purchase for all of the bathrooms in your house. Comfort is king, even in the bathroom. The bathroom is an essential part of your home and it is important to keep it cozy

Especially in the mornings, getting refreshed and ready is an important part of your day as it sets the tone for the rest of it so you should be comfortable at all times. 

For all of the reasons listed above, make sure you invest a little bit into your bathroom along with the rest of your home. Keep things sanitary, comfortable and cushy! 

This article comes from Marina Turea, content manager at Digital Authority Partners

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