3 Ways to Get More Light into Your Bathroom

A light bathroom with a bathtub and a sink.

The bathroom is generally the smallest room in the house. It is often ignored by most homeowners, giving it the last place when designing the home. However, if you are guilty of this, then you are missing out on so much. It is in the bathroom that you get ready every morning, and unwind with a nice relaxing bath after a long day. Because of this, great lighting is a crucial feature of any bathroom. Having the best illumination possible will also get you looking your best in no time. Moreover, it will make your bathroom feel larger and give it a much more appealing atmosphere.

Below are tips for adding light to your bathroom.  

1. Install Bulbs Strategically

When getting ready, you will notice that to pull off the finer grooming details require excellent eyesight. With poor lighting around the mirror, you may end up with shaving wounds or makeup that makes your face look jaundiced. Well-placed nautical sconces, together with vanity lights, mounted on either side of the mirror, will maximize light to the face and eliminate unwanted shadows. Additionally, installing recessed can lighting into the ceiling is efficient in creating balanced lighting throughout the bathroom. The trick in getting more light in your bathroom lies in finding the best spot to place lighting fixtures. Bulbs installed at strategic places will make the entire bathroom more buoyant and brighter.

2. Choose Pristine and Bright Colored Items

What kind of surfaces and colors do we have in your bathroom? Are there a lot of light colors and reflective surfaces? If not, you have to incorporate bright colors into it. The white color helps in exaggerating the existing light in the bathroom. It is an excellent way of creating a subtle yet well-lit bathroom. Bright colors reflect light while the dark ones absorb light. Thus, when you go for light-colored tiles or curtains your bathroom with brighten up. Besides, it will make your bathroom look neat while adding a wow factor to the room.

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3. Natural Lighting

Natural light is a great way to brighten your bathroom while reducing your electricity bill. However, you wouldn’t want to shower and get ready when exposed. There are numerous tips for adding natural light in your bathroom without losing the privacy you desire. You can use overhead windows, such as skylights, to allow light into your bathroom. Installing windows at opposite angles will give cross lighting making your bathroom brighter. Floor to ceiling windows or doors made of glass blocks will permit light into your bathroom without sacrificing on your privacy. Another possibility is to use translucent pleated shades or shutters that can be adjusted to allow for more natural light entering your room.


By investing your time in optimizing your bathroom’s lighting, your space will fulfill multiple purposes, from unwinding to getting ready. Use the tips above to add more light in your bathroom. Always be tactical to ensure that the results favor every family member’s expectations.

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