Makeover Your Small Bathroom within a Budget 

There are endless ways to makeover your small bathroom and give it the facelift it so deserves. Unfortunately, some bathroom decoration projects can be very expensive. For instance, bring in a tub can completely change the bathroom appearance. However, you would have parted with a few thousand dollars by the time you purchase and install a tub.

The good news is that you can still freshen your bathroom décor without spending so much. You just need to be savvy. The following are eight quick tips to consider.

1. A fresh coat of paint

Let’s begin with a straightforward solution – painting. Painting is a quick and easy way to give your bathroom a facelift. A gallon of paint costs less than $100 and is more than enough to pain the entire bathroom.

When selecting colors, we’d advise that you choose lighter options. Although dark and vibrant colors are also excellent choices, especially when you want to give the bathroom a touch of drama, light paints make the bathroom appear bigger, which can have a massive impact on appearance. Ask the paint shop to mix in an additive to a matte finish to prevent moisture damage.

2. Replace the lighting fixtures

You’ll need to be careful here as replacing bathroom lighting can be a tad expensive. Make sure to ask for more affordable options. Fortunately, there’s a wide variety of options.

Additionally, opt for trendier, more modern options. The reason is that stylish classical lighting fixtures can be very expensive. They also work best in larger bathrooms. Hanging pendants and light bars are particularly good options. We strongly recommend LED lighting fixtures as they’re more energy-efficient.

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3. Change your towels and rugs

It may seem trivial. However, old mismatched towels and rugs can make your bathrooms quite boring. It’s especially important if the rest of the bathroom is relatively new. The old, faded towel can reverse all the gains, leaving your bathroom pale and uninspiring. So, you need a new towel and rugs.

When shopping, prioritize accent color or patterns and texture. Consider fresh textures and shades of color for towels and unique materials for the rugs. A new shower curtain can also go a long way.

Change your towels and rugs

4. Consider wall art

Sometimes a bathroom may feel stale because there’s little color in it. Blank walls become boring really fast. A quick way to solve this problem is to use treated canvas prints to bring some energy into your bathroom. Make sure the prints are water-resistant. Another pro tip is to go for oversized proportions as they give the highest visual impact.

Alternatively, you can think beyond canvas prints and go for a wall gallery comprising your favorite items, such as starfish or baskets.

5. Hardware and faucet upgrades

Another quick way to makeover your small bathroom within a budget is to upgrade the hardware and faucets. New hardware, including drawer pulls, towel bars, and toilet paper holders, can completely transform the bathroom. Changing the faucets can also have a dramatic effect on the bathroom interior.

The best part is that replacing the hardware is often as simple as unscrewing or popping out the old ones and replacing them with new parts.

6. Replace the powder room flooring

You can also freshen up the entire area by replacing the powder room flooring. Affordable, resilient vinyl flooring planks are available in most home improvement stores at affordable rates. They also come in various wood species and patterns. Some even mimic the look of real wood – and they’re water resistant!

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Although you can hire a professional for installation, you can also do it yourself. In many cases, all you need is to score the vinyl planks with a blade, peel them, and stick them to the floor.

vinyl flooring
Although you can hire a professional for installation, you can also do it yourself.

7. Declutter

It’s impossible to achieve the desired interior décor without proper storage. This is especially true for small bathrooms. Even a few cloth brushes at a corner can negate all your organizational gains. Adding pull-out drawers to the bathroom cabinet provides valuable additional space organize the space. And, it’s something you can DIY over the weekend.

Other potential bathroom storage solutions include floating wall shelving, wall-mounted baskets, and furniture-style storage cabinets.

8. Repurpose accents and accessories

At this point, you’re ready to put the final touches on your bathroom for s freshened-up look. A few custom accessories and accent pieces will add valuable warmth and personality to the area. A few items to consider are a wastebasket, bathroom soap dish, and live house plants. Also, consider adding fresh textures and shades of color.

Remember that you don’t need to buy all these items. Some of them are probably already lying idle within your house.


You don’t need a professional designer or a big budget to makeover your small bathroom. Just a little savviness, and you’re good to go.

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