Reasons to Choose a Resin-Bound Paving for Your Property

A professionally installed, high-quality driveway is a crucial investment in the appearance of your home. A visually impactful exterior adds instant kerb appeal and value to your home. Walk on it, play on it, drive on it or park on it – a driveway is an extension of your home and therefore requires as much thought and care as given to that brand new sofa or the eye-catching wallpaper in your living room.

But which type of paving design is best for your property? We think you should carefully examine resin-bound paving as one of the best options to consider when choosing a driveway, and here is why!


A resin-bound paving is made up of clear resin and aggregates that are intermixed together before laying. During the installation process, tiny openings are made between the small stones for easy drainage. After rainfall, the last thing you need are puddles of stagnant water. Pools of water can be hazardous or, at the very least, unsightly! You will want the water puddles to drain away.

Resin-bound surfaces are designed to allow water to flow freely between the tiny stones and into the earth below. Hence, no puddles, no mess!

This feature of resin-bound paving also helps ground water even out, which offsets the negative effects of shrinkage and heave.

Flexibility (Resin-bound driveways come in wide variety of colours and finishes)

There is a huge range of colourful stones to choose from for resin-bound pavings. Also, there is a large variety of quality stone types and sizes to match the style or character of your home.

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Looking for a colourful resin-bound paving to complement your home’s exterior? You will be overwhelmed by the choices available in resin-bound paving. Narrowing down your choices will be the only struggle in designing your drive.

Your resin-bound drive doesn’t even have to be one texture or colour! With resin, you can get as creative as you want when mixing or matching colours to create bespoke or border shapes to add instant impact and interest to your very practical, attractive and long-lasting drive. A popular choice amongst property owners is grey resin driveways as they look contemporary and help to hide any build up of dirt and weathering.

SuDS compliance (Sustainable urban Drainage Systems)

Resin-bound pavings are compliant with the water management system created by the Environment Agency to assist with the management of water quality and flood risk.

Smooth finish

Compared to other driveways, resin-bound pavings have a textured surface perfect for elderly people, bicycles, pushchairs, wheelchair-bound, or walking aid users who require a leveled surface for movement.

Resistance to the ‘heat island’ effect

Heat islands occur because hard and solid surfaces, like concrete or asphalt, absorb and store heat. The permeable nature of resin-bound pavings promotes drainage and allows the soil beneath to breathe, which lowers surface temperatures and, ultimately, the ‘heat island’ effect.

Low maintenance and weather resistance

Since resin-bound pavings are so permeable, any stagnant water on their surface will drain away. This reduces puddles of liquid where algae and moss would normally grow or where winter ice forms slippery surfaces.

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To keep your driveway clean and in new-like condition, simply carry out a power sweep with a hard brush regularly to remove debris and a simple jet wash once a year to enable your driveway to regain its original colour.

In addition, your resin-bound drive is UV stable, meaning the rays from the sun won’t fade its surface’s original colour, and it won’t freeze during colder months.


The costs of installing a resin–bound paving are relatively lesser, especially when you compare its long-term use and benefits to other driveway styles. Owing to the fact that they require minimal maintenance, resin–bound driveways are one of the most affordable driveway designs.


A resin-bound paving comes with a host of benefits which explains why they are in high demand. This increase in demand has unfortunately led to an even bigger increase in companies that provide substandard installation of this premium product. This is why it is crucial that you do your research and only hire the services of a reputable resin-bound paving company for your installation.

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