How to Save Money When Hiring an Electrician

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Electrical work can be quite expensive, but it is also extremely important. You don’t want to skimp on costs and hire electricians who have weak or inefficient skills. Poorly done electrical work means that you can have major problems in your house, such as destructive and deadly fires. The goal here is to find quality electricians while still keeping the costs low. Fortunately, emploing some specific strategies can help you to do so.

Book in Advance

Of course, when an emergency situation comes into fruition, you don’t necessarily have the time to plan. However, consider that you know you want to upgrade your amperage in a few months or that you would like to add a chandelier to the dining room. Unless a safety hazard is present, no need exists to schedule these appointments at the last minute. When you book a last-minute appointment, the company may need to charge you for an emergency appointment, which means that the costs are certain to increase.

Choose Regular Business Hours

Finding the time to take off from work so that you are home for the electrician to come might seem like a hassle, but doing so could save you money. Some electricians are open 24 hours per day and seven days per week. However, the company may consider hours outside of regular ones to be emergency hours. Using one of your vacation days at work can save you the annoyance of paying emergency charges.

Ask for Price Quotations

A good company should offer you a price quotation before performing any work. Still though, you should make sure that this process is completed properly. When you call to book an appointment, you should let the company know what you are interested in. However, you can also emphasize that you want to get an amount before you agree to any work. Electricians at America Electric can let you know the costs. Then, you can determine what you can afford right now.

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Confirm Appointment Charges

While asking about appointment charges doesn’t necessarily save you money, doing so does save you from the jarring effect of surprise costs. Even if you don’t know if you will have work done that day, you should ask how much it will cost for the electrician to come to your house and evaluate the work. Knowing the charges in advance is important, especially when you’re on a budget.

Separate Want from Need

Once you have an electrician to the house to tell you what work can be done to improve the electricity in your house, you should have a conversation with the professional to separate want from need. In other words, you must learn what changes are necessary in order to provide a safe home for your loved ones and yourself. Prioritize those changes. Other changes that are not related to safety can wait until later, and you can save yourself that money now.

Be Honest

When you are working with an electrician and have a budget, you should provide this information. By stating how much you can spend on the project, the electrician can potentially work with you to get as close to that figure as possible or offer modifications to the project to stay within your price range.


Of course, you can always try to negotiate with the electricians. Keep in mind that the electrician who comes to the house might not have the power to negotiate with you. What you may need to do is to call the company and speak to the owner about modifications to the cost. You should also remember that negotiations do not always work. The company, of course, has to make money, and the business may have many other customers who are willing to pay full price. Still though, you definitely won’t get a negotiation if you don’t ask for one.

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Purchase Materials Yourself

You should never attempt to complete electrical work by yourself because you could be injured or killed. You also might perform work that leads to deadly hazards. What you might have the ability to do, however, is to purchase the materials yourself. Talk to the electrician about this possibility. When you buy the materials needed independently, you may save money. Of course, you need to make sure that you buy the right materials, so you will need a list from the electrician of what exactly to buy.

Shop Around

In the event that you have decided to purchase materials for yourself, you should shop around for the best deals. Certainly make sure to buy the items from a reputable and quality provider as safety is at stake. Many local circulars provide coupons for home improvement stores in the neighborhood. You can also look online.

Follow Directions

Once you have decided to hire a professional electrician to complete the work in your house, you might be provided with a set of directions. For example, you may very well need to turn the electric off in your house while the work is performed. The electrician may also advise you not to use certain pieces of equipment or outlets until the work can be performed. Failure to follow the directions might protract the amount of time it takes for the work to be completed. Another issue that could arise is the possibility of causing further damage. If the company tells you not to use a specific appliance and you do, you might exacerbate the problems that exist, which means that you could have to pay more money to fix it.

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Arrive on Time

When you make an appointment with an electrician, make sure to call in advance if you need to reschedule the day and time of the meeting. If electricians show up and you are not there, you may get a charge for the time. When booking any type of appointment, asking about cancellation policies is important so that you don’t end up with unnecessary charges.

Be a Return Customer

Another helpful way to save money when you’re hiring an electrician is to be a return customer. Some companies might offer discounts to clients who have used their services in the past. You may also have more leverage in the event that you plan to ask for a discount. While having used the company in the past does not entitle you to a discount, it could potentially help to increase the odds of getting one.

Check Your Insurance

You should also look into your insurance policy to see if any of the work is covered. While electrical upgrades are not typically covered by an insurance policy, it’s possible if some sort of external damage led to the problem. In other words, if a fire or flood damaged your electrical system, you might be able to get some coverage from your insurance company.

Use Home Equity

In the event that you have equity built up in your home, you could look into a home equity loan or a home equity line or credit in order to finance the work of the electrician. Of course, you need to pay this loan back or credit off, but you don’t need to pay all of the money for this home improvement now. Instead, you can pay off the sum over the course of a number of months.

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Electrical work is important to have done, especially when safety concerns are present. Fortunately, you can try some strategies to take care of these methods without having to endure a massive price tag.

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