How to Choose the Ideal Nightstand for Your Bedroom

A white bedroom with wood floors, a bed, and a nightstand.

A bedside table is a substantial piece of furniture in every bedroom. Not only does it serve a practical function but acts as a great decoration. Today, there is an extensive variety of different types of bedside tables available. Have a look at some on room service 360, for instance. One of these types is a nightstand table – a simple and compact element of the bedroom. 

It complements the design of the room and provides storage for all the stuff you need near your bed, such as a phone, lamp, glass of water, clock, etc. It is really convenient because you can reach personal belongings without even standing up from the bed.

Since there are a lot of various kinds of nightstand table, it may be quite challenging to choose the best option. That’s why we decided to give you some valuable tips that should help you choose the ideal nightstand for your bedroom. 

First of all, there are several things you should consider in order to find the best nightstand table for you:

  • size;
  • storage;
  • material;
  • style;
  • color;
  • decorative value. 


You should take some measurements in order to choose the ideal size of the nightstand. Firstly, you need to measure the height of your bed. It is advisable that a bedside table is of the same height as the bed because then it would be easy to reach things placed on the nightstand. 

After that, you should measure the space between the wall and the bed so that the nightstand could match there ideally. Remember to leave a little space between a bed and a table so that there’s room for you to make the bed. 

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On top of that, don’t forget about balance. The size of the nightstand table should match the size of the bedroom aesthetically. Otherwise, the table will look too small or extremely big for the bedroom, which will destroy the design of the room.


As one of the nightstand’s purposes is practical, storage is what matters next. You should consider what you desire to keep on it and how much space you will need for that. If you require a lot of storage, then the most desirable option for you will be a bedside table with drawers or with an open shelf that will allow you to place all items you need without causing a mess. However, if you don’t look for much space, then a simple and minimalistic tabletop will be enough for you. 

A nightstand with a lamp and a vase.


The material of the nightstand is also an essential criterion as it will influence the style of the room. The traditional and most popular material is wood, but there are other materials used such as glass, metal, textile, etc. Bedside tables made of unusual materials will diversify and enrich the interior of the bedroom. 

A nightstand with a lamp.


When it comes to style, there are different options here. The first option is for those who would like to create a classical design of a bedroom and harmonize all the pieces of furniture. In that case, you should match nightstands with walls, bed, and other furniture so that the materials, colors, and general design would be the same or at least similar. 

The other option is for those people who like experimenting and tying up something extravagant. Accordingly, you should mix styles, colors, and materials of the bedside table in order to create an innovative and modern design for your bedroom. You may also choose diverse shapes of nightstands such as round or multi-level. 

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If you would like to add distinctive features to your room by combining various bedside tables, you should look through some variants of mismatched nightstands.

Nightstand with books and flowers.


The color of the nightstand is selected in accordance with the style of the bedroom. If you don’t want to experiment then choose the color of the bedside table which will match the color palette of your room. However, if you want to create a unique design, you should definitely try out different colors of nightstands, especially bright ones. 

Nightstand with a chair.


You may add some accessories to make your nightstand look stylish. For instance, you can put an ancient lamp on it, a vase of flowers, a candle, or an extraordinary plant. Remember not to place too many items on the table because then it will look messy and not aesthetic at all. If you don’t know which decorations to choose, you can go through 400+ nightstand decor ideas for inspiration. 

A bedroom with black walls, a bed, and a lamp on a nightstand.

Bottom Line

Your bedroom is simply not complete without a nightstand table. It ultimately complements the design of the room and shows your personal style, as well as allows you to keep your personal items in one place near your bed. 

Ranges of different nightstands available for purchase are most extensive. This brief guide should help you figure out the main factors you should take into consideration while choosing a nightstand so that it may become easier for you to make the best choice. 

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