Bring on spring: upgrade ideas for your outdoor living space

An outdoor living space with patio furniture and a fire pit.

Springs is here. 

You can tell this is true not by watching the Weather Channel, but by hearing the effusive chirping of the birds that have returned from their winter vacations. The grass has started to green, and the days have gotten longer. Smiles have returned to the faces of everyone in your neighborhood as well. Although we agree about the joy of welcoming back spring, there is one nagging issue that keeps popping up in our heads.

The time has come to spend seemingly countless hours cleaning and upgrading our homes to usher in the season of renewal.

You do not have to spend a lot of money or host a home and garden show to make your home more visually appealing. Bring on spring by following a few tips concerning upgrade ideas for your outdoor living space.

Install French Doors

As your front door is the entrance to your home, the back door welcomes you and your guests to an outdoor entertainment room. Over the past few years, French doors have emerged as a popular way to upgrade an outdoor living space. You can install a new set of French doors or give the current set of French doors a makeover by painting them a color that blends in seamlessly with the rest of the features of an outdoor kitchen or dining room.

Whether you relax on a covered patio or entertain inside of a custom pergola, here are a few reasons why you should install customized French doors:

  • Enhanced Visual appeal
  • Improved home security
  • Expose your home to more light
  • Increase in durability
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Above all, installing French doors to welcome guests to your outdoor living space should increase the value of your home.

An outdoor living space with red chairs and a fire pit.

Grow a Garden

One of the most important decisions you will make for upgrading an outdoor living space involves optimizing every square foot of the backyard. The first step for achieving this goal is to clear away dead plants, leaves, and branches to make room for a garden.

Growing a garden delivers several landscaping benefits. First, you will produce a source of fruits and vegetables in your outdoor living space. Instead of relying on local farmers to meet your nutritional needs, you can simply go outdoors and cultivate your own source of vitamins and minerals. Second, growing an outdoor garden with enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor living space by blossoming into an array of spectacular colors and attracting an assortment of animals from the nearby woods. Cliff Bressler, a professional landscape designer in Maryland, offers clients garden beds that incorporate foods with decorative bushes and flowering plants.

Just remember to keep the animals away from your garden by building a mesh barrier surrounding the garden.

A wooden raised garden bed with tomatoes, creating an outdoor living space.

Think Outside of the Garden

Devoting a space to grow fruits and vegetables is a great upgrade idea for your outdoor living space. However, you do not want to forget about the rest of the backyard, where there are plenty of opportunities to apply a green thumb to upgrade your gazebo or pavilion. You can plant flowers along the perimeter of the outdoor living space and/or add shrubs or other types of greenery at visual focal points in the backyard.

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If your thumb is let’s say, a little less green than you would like it, turn to the Internet for ideas about how to use plants and shrubbery to upgrade your outdoor living space. One idea that makes aesthetic sense is to surround visually unappealing thigs like the central air conditioning unit with short trees and wide bushes.

An outdoor living space featuring a circular patio with a fire pit in the middle.


Over the course of winter, your outdoor living space can turn into something you do not recognize. Trash blown in from other yards and furniture that has collected dirt and debris can make an outdoor living space something different than what it was before Old Man Winter stopped by for three months.

When the birds begin to chirp, spend a little in your outdoor living space cleaning up the mess left behind by inactivity. Sweep away the dirt that has collected around furniture and remove items that make the outdoor living space appear a bit too busy. Mother Nature will leave behind plenty of tree limbs and branches that you should remove to declutter the backyard.


Add a Nice Touch or Two

Decluttering the outdoor living space is considered addition by subtraction. After eliminating the visual chaos, you can add a few nice touches to upgrade the look of a covered deck or a custom gazebo.

  • Buy new seat cushions
  • Place large, decorative vases in high traffic areas
  • Install stylish drapes around the perimeter
  • Add colorful place mats on tables
  • Replace out of style lampshades
  • Use handcrafted rugs to create an indoor ambiance

You should also consider replacing outdated furniture, such as chairs and sofas, with more contemporary pieces that enhance the ambiance of your outdoor living space.

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A backyard with a gazebo and a fire pit, perfect for outdoor living space.

Spring is the season of renewed hope and optimism. Bring on spring by reviving a space outdoors that embodies everything spring has to offer. The best thing about a spring upgrade for an outdoor living space is you do not have to deplete the entire home improvement budget.

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