Autumn Decor Inspired By The Garden Harvest

A glass cloche filled with pumpkins and autumn leaves.

The garden harvest inspires my autumn decor. Hands down, fall is my favorite season. I love the rich reds and vibrant oranges. These vibrant shades balance out against rich browns and golds. Indeed, I look forward to everything about autumn.

While most people dread the cooler temperatures and winter coming around the corner, I look forward to the possibilities. Indeed, I welcome the cool evenings. In fact, I sit outside every morning to enjoy my morning coffee.

Because I love autumn so much, I decorate my home to reflect this.

Keep in mind that I live in the countryside. I reside in a county of only a total population of 20,000.  This grants me almost unlimited access to bountiful resources. Rich farmland surrounds my home.

If I want to use acorns or pine cones in my decor, I simply walk out to the forest and gather them. Likewise, I visit my neighbors who farm and regularly score free gourds and squash. Farmers have cut their cornstalks and they lay in the fields for me to gather. Of course, I do have permission.

All of these are free items I use to decorate my home.

I do have a downfall. Pumpkins. However, they are not a local product. This is one item that I can’t forage for.  I willingly open up my wallet to invest in pumpkins.

Although I have a transitional style decor, I gravitate more to the traditional. I love mixing traditional pieces with contemporary pieces to keep the look clean and updated.

Today I am sharing autumn decor ideas I adore.  Some of these I have done. However, others are new to me and I plan to try them. Use these ideas as a guideline. There is no right or wrong in how you choose to incorporate these elements. Of course, you will use the ideas that work best in your home.

How to Make Your Gallery Wall Unique
Autumn decor featuring pumpkins on a front porch.
Greet your guests with this impressive display.

Welcome visitors with this impressive display. Bright mums punctuated by pumpkins and gourds line the stairs. The urns at the bottom add fall color.

Certainly, a display of the grandeur will make your friends feel welcome.  An impressive amount of time and creativity went into this display.

Honestly, it makes me wish that I, too, had a staircase entryway.

A front porch adorned with autumn decor.
Indeed, an impressive display of nature’s bounty.

This is a simple and elegant way to decorate an entryway. Even if you don’t have a front porch, you can create a similar display at the corner of your home.

A basket appears to have tumbled over. Bright pumpkins, gourds and leaves have gracefully spilled out.  A sweet, small bale of hay adds volume to the display. Undoubtedly, it has an organic and natural feel.

Indeed, this is a bountiful display.




An autumn-themed mantle with a painting on it.
Also consider an autumn mantel display.

Imagine gathering around the fireplace with your friends. You’re sipping a hot toddy. You feel the warmth from the fire.  Even better than the view of the fireplace is the view of the mantel.

The decorator dressed this mantel in autumn decor with a trail of leaves and tiny gourds. In fact, she even took the time to hang up an autumn picture.  Flickering candles add dimension and warmth.

Scavenge around your home and find jars. Indeed, any jar will do! Apothecary jars, mason jars, or even vases work well. Then, them with colorful leaves, pine cones, or nuts. This creates an instant charming display.

Autumn decor featuring glass jars filled with fall leaves and pine cones.
Acorn & leaves in simple jars add an organic element.
Autumn decor featuring a glass jar filled with fall leaves and pine cones.
Fill apothecary jars with fall leaves to add height to a table.
Three autumn-themed mason jars filled with nuts and a candle.
Mason jars filled with fall treats engage your guests.

Candles add panache to your decor. They are soft and glowing. In fact, many decorators don’t consider a room complete without them. Therefore, autumn inspired candles are a must have.

Dreaming of a White Christmas
Three autumn decor glass bowls with candles in them.
Simple tealights and berries charm your guests.
A candle surrounded by pine cones, perfect for autumn décor.
Because of the orange candle, this pine cone display doesn’t appear Christmas-y.

Finally, combine these ideas. As a result, you will have a grand tablescape for your dinner guests.

Autumn decor with a thanksgiving table setting featuring pumpkins and place settings.
Of course, you can combine these ideas to create an amazing tablescape

Finally, be creative and use the harvest bounty to create amazing autumn decor.

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