Start Your Garden Indoors – Tips and Tricks To Get You Planting Now

Tips for starting a garden indoors by sowing seeds.

Start your garden indoors using easy tips and tricks to get you planting now. Of course, if you start your plants inside, you can get your crop earlier. This means a longer growing season.

Of course, before you plant seeds you need information. You need to know when to start the seeds. In addition, you need to know the germination time. Also, you need to know when you are no longer in frost danger in your area. Of course, this varies from zone to zone.

A chart for indoor gardening with recommendations on what to plant when.
This chart offers good guidelines (

Read your seed packets carefully. You will gain valuable information. For example, some seeds can’t be started indoors. Thus, the seed packet will instruct you to “direct sow” the seeds. On the other hand, the packet will say “start indoors” if that’s okay. Also, it will tell you when it’s safe to transplant the seeds into the ground outside.

The back of a package with a qr code on it for indoor gardening.
Of course, the seed packet offers in-depth info (

Start your seeds in good quality potting soil. This special soil helps retain moisture. Also, it feeds your seeds. It makes seed starting an easy job.

Also, feel free to use inexpensive planting containers. These are temporary pots. In a few weeks you will be planting these into the soil. Traditional plastic trays are fine. However, I’ve seen egg cartons and toilet paper tubes used successfully.

Seedlings for indoor gardening in trays.
Of course, plastic trays work well for starting seeds.  (
A tray of seedlings in an indoor garden.
Indeed, egg cartons are a cheap way to start a garden indoors (
A person is spraying a tray of toilet paper rolls, indoors.
Or cut toilet paper tubes in half for starting seeds. (

Seeds should be kept moist. However, take care to not over-water them. It would be sad to do all this work and drown your seeds!

A child is watering an indoor plant with a brightly colored watering can.
Water your seedlings as needed (

Keep your seeds in a sunny window. They need the sunlight to grow.

Three potted plants in an indoor garden on a metal rack.
Place seedlings in a sunny window.
A garden of potted plants on an indoor window sill.
In fact, they require sunlight. (

Once the seeds have grown to seedlings, set them outside for a few days. This helps them adjust to the outdoor climate.

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In conclusion, starting your garden indoors is easy and fun. Plus, you transplant a seedling in the spring instead of starting seeds from scratch. This gives you extra time to enjoy those vegetables all summer.

A wooden plant stand with potted plants in a garden.
An attractive plant stand helps make room for more seeds! (
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