Best Ways to Get the Living Room of Your Dreams

A masculine living room with large windows and a grey couch.

Your living room is perhaps the most integral part of your set-up, being the main place where you’ll go to relax and, most likely, the centerpiece of your home when you’re hosting guests. Everyone dreams of having a perfect living room, which features incredible décor, plenty of space, and lots of comforts.

Here, we’re going through the best ways to embark on your mission of creating the perfect living room. Due to everyone having their own preferences and desires, we’re following the path of someone who’s in the market, looking at the ways that they can ensure that they have the area, money, and method available to complete the job.

Begin with a blank canvas

An empty room with a broken door.

It’s all well and good adapting a space to look its best but to realize the living room of your dreams fully, you’re going to want a blank canvas. Getting a house that needs renovation is perfect as the upfront and monthly costs are cheaper, with the money that you put into the renovations eventually bringing the cost in line with a ready-made property. Through this method, the result is that it’s precisely the way that you want it.

As noted in the house renovations costs breakdown by Real Homes, most people should be able to find an older house within their budget to allow them to plan for a successful renovation. Taking a house in need of renovation at its base level and then building up the living room from scratch, perhaps even augmenting the size of the space first, gives you the best starting point for creating your ideal living room; the same goes for all of the rooms in the house.

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Having the money for the build and furniture

A living room with leather furniture.

Picking a property that you can fully customize is cheaper than buying a ready-set or new build. Still, you will be looking to make regular payments to progress the renovation and, eventually, buy all of your furniture, appliances, and decorations. While getting a project property in the first place will allow you more wiggle room, ensuring that the monthly payments on the property are as low as possible also helps in the long run.

Once you’ve identified the renovation project that has the potential to host your dream living room, you can then work out the cheapest way of getting the property by using Trussle to compare mortgages. Finding the lowest monthly payments at the longest fixed rates is key to maximizing your monthly budget in the long term, allowing you a better chance of getting over any speed bumps that may present themselves.

The order of filling your living room

A living room with a leather couch.

Picking the right paint color is a crucial step in creating the perfect living room. However, far too many people make the mistake of painting before placing their core items. As explained by The Spruce, you want to get the items that really matter to day-to-day enjoyment, like your furniture and TV set, in before you paint. Paint is relatively cheap and can be changed quite easily, but your furniture will see the most use and be the main features of the room for years to come. It’s best to follow the order of: furniture, rugs, wall decorations, lighting, and then paint.

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By starting with a blank canvas, ensuring that you have as much cash as possible each month, and building up the space in the right order, you’ll soon have the living room of your dreams.


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