Add a Personal Touch to Your Bedroom with Handmade Décor

A bedroom with a personalized touch of a white bed and green chair.

We all know that bedroom is a place to relax and get your batteries full for the next day. And, choosing the right kind of décor for your bedroom can often be a hard thing to do. However, there are some popular ways to add a personal touch to your bedroom, especially if you want to use handmade décor.

Most of the people neglect this part of the house, leaving it in need of some accessories and other stuff. Therefore, we are here to see how you can exactly add a personal touch to your bedroom.

Add Meaningful Art

It is always a good idea to add a little bit more art to your bedroom. As we already said, most people really neglect bedrooms with art. But, you don’t have to, you can actually add pictures of things that you like and find amusing. For example, adding natural-themed pictures is a great thing to do. Not only that you will enhance the space with beauty, but also, nature pictures are kind of a stress-relief theme that everyone needs in their bedroom.

Two personalized framed pictures of cherry blossoms on a cozy bed.

Incorporate Family Photo Gallery

Since the bedroom is a personal space where guests are less likely to come, it is a good idea to personalize it more. You can do this with a handmade gallery wall which is really easy to make. Namely, all you need to do is to get some family photos, arrange them in a grid layout and enjoy the view.

The best thing about this type of enrichment of your bedroom is the option to remove and change the photos. As your family grows, you grow as well, and that calls for a change in certain things. So, you can always add more or readjust the gallery wall.

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A living room with framed photos and a wicker chair, adding a personal touch.

Build Shelves in Bedroom

As you can see in the picture, shelves are both practical and beautiful when it comes to bedroom décor. Now, making shelves is not always an easy thing to do, but, it’s definitely worth it. So, there are plenty of ways to go here. You can choose the wall that suits you the most and place shelves there.

Next, you can put stuff that you like on the shelves. For example, you can start with framed photos, books, plants, or you can even put some other stuff like toys. It all is up to you to decide how to decorate the shelves.

A personalized shelf with plants and pots on it.

Hand Printed Cushions

Another great idea to add a personal touch to your bedroom is to make hand printed cushions. These are relatively easy to make and they are quite beautiful. The best thing about these cushions is that you can make them in order to fit any décor.

Also, the idea of making cushions in this light will definitely bring a more personal touch to your bedroom. To be honest, having your hand printed on the cushions inside your bedroom really is warm and welcoming, especially after a long day of work.

Two vibrant pillows on a chair adjacent to a clock with a personal touch.

Adding Mirror Frames

In order to enrich your bedroom with beauty, you can always add some mirrors. But, you don’t have to stop there. Actually, you can make multiple mirror frames to decorate mirrors which will definitely enrich the environment in your bedroom.

Now, you can do this by making frames out of wood or plastic. They are not that hard to make and they don’t require lots of time and effort to invest. But, on the other hand, frame mirrors will definitely provide a more personal touch to your bedroom.

Bedroom with a view

A purple mirror with a personal touch on a white wall next to a potted plant.


In the light of everything we said above, it is clearly a good idea to add a more personal touch your bedroom, especially with homemade décor. Now, it is only up to you to decide how to do it. We really hope that this article provided you with good ideas to enrich your bedroom and add a more personal touch to it.

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