Décor for Bedrooms 2021; Find your Perfect Design 

The bedroom should be a relaxing sanctuary where you rest and recuperate after a long day at work. And, for ages, humans have done everything possible to make it that way. That’s why families invest massively in bedroom decoration.

This trend isn’t about to stop. Although the recent pandemic has destabilized many families, we’ll still see significant trends in décor for bedrooms. We’ve rounded up seven major trends observed since the beginning of the year for inspiration the next time you decide to facelift your bedroom.

1. Matching wall lights

This might have gone unnoticed, but there’s a growing trend towards matching wall lights. It’s an elegant and stylish approach where you have at least two lights sitting on either side of the bed. Something else we’ve noticed is that people are choosing bold colors for the lampshades. Patterned and amalgamations are also common.

It shows that customers are finally putting their insecurities behind and letting their bolder sides shine through. The beauty of it is that bold colors are highly beneficial to our health and wellbeing. They uplift mood and create a happier environment.

A small bedroom with green walls and a white bed.
Colors are highly beneficial to our health and

2. Statement beds

Another recent trend in décor for bedrooms is statement beds. Statement beds are large beds that dominate the bedroom. These beds serve as the focal point in the room and get all the attention. Thus, they help unify the room by forcing occupants (and visitors) to focus only on the bed. This is critical as having competing focal points creates chaos within a space.

The most common statement beds are tall models in vibrant finishes. Striking patterns and exciting shapes are also becoming the norm. Some interior experts interpret it as a desire among consumers to bring the ever-popular boutique hotel feel home.

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A bedroom with a bed and a bedside table, featuring bedroom wall decoration.
Statement beds are large beds that dominate the bedroom.

3. A boho-chic color palette

Sometimes in interior decoration, you need to stop worrying about what goes with what and go with the flow. It seems more people are taking this approach in 2021. For example, instead of limiting color choices to a restricted range, consumers trust their instincts and go with any color that makes them feel happy.

Particularly, consumers are no longer afraid to try out warmer colors, including reds, oranges, yellows, and yellow-based greens. However, if you want to make your warmer color choices pop, consider adding elements of the bohemian décor, including bamboo, rattan, and wicker furniture. Even shots of cinnamon red fit the flow perfectly.

Decor for Bohemian Bedrooms

4. Decorate with regal blues

Everyone loves blue. However, we all know that too much of something is rarely good. As a result, a few people purposely backed off blue in the past few years to stand out from the flock. But now, blue is making a comeback – albeit in a different form.

Regal blue is a little different from standard blue. It’s darker and moodier. It also blends much better with whites and other monochromatic colors. If you can pair it with the right texture, such as velvet, you can add a luxurious look and touch to your bedroom without breaking the bank.

A beach style bedroom with an ocean view.
Regal blue is a little different from standard blue.

5. A focus on the headboard

This isn’t a new trend per se. However, we’ve seen an unprecedented focus on the headboard as consumers seek innovative ways to impose their styles or bring excitement to the bedroom. Most people are buying the largest and best headboard their budget can afford because the headboard is now considered the most important part of the bed.

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You should consider jumping on the trend. Headboards are an inexpensive way to transform the bedroom. They are essentially a form of artwork. You can even pattern or texture the headboard as you wish to best capture your style.

A bed with a tufted headboard.
Headboards are an inexpensive way to transform the bedroom.

6. Bring the outside in

Finally, in consistence with a growing trend to bring nature inside, we’ve seen a strong uptick in natural elements in the bedroom. Some experts explain it as a survival technique humans adopted to counter the social distancing regulations occasioned by the covid19 pandemic. However, others believe it’s just a sign of a more nature-conscious population.

Whichever the case, more homes now have plants inside the home, even inside the bedroom. New homes also have larger windows for broader outside views, and the number of people replacing their tile floors with wooden flooring is on the increase too.

A bedroom with curtains.

7. Better storage for a better life

Finally, the morn bedroom is also tidier and more organized. There are many contributing factors. For one, with more people working from home than ever, we have more time to organize. Also, people have realized that more organized environments promote productivity.

The storage solutions different people use to achieve their desired level of organization vary from one person to the next. However, bespoke joineries are some of the most popular as they boost bedroom aesthetics while creating a sense of calm. Fitted furniture are also very common as they have a neater finish.

A luxurious bedroom with wooden floors and a bed.
Fitted furniture are also very common as they have a neater finish.

8. Bamboo flooring

In many ways, bamboo flooring performs the same way as hardwood; some might say it’s superior. For the most part, bamboo is a non-allergenic, pest-resistant an

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Bamboo flooring

d sustainable material that offers many advantages. Working with reliable and reputable flooring dealers can help you find bamboo flooring products that work around the various disadvantages and guarantee top-quality material.


Décor for bedrooms changes everyday. Hopefully, you now have a few tips to refresh your bedroom for an updated look.

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