Tips For Organising Your Home Renovation

Starting a new renovation project in your home can be exciting, but it can also be long, expensive, and disruptive to your routine.

From hiring the right renovation builders to staying within budget, there are a lot of pieces you will need to manage for a well-organised home renovation project. Turning your home renovation dreams from plans to practicality can be a lot more challenging than it seems.

So, to keep your renovation project well-organised, here are a few practical tips that can streamline your home renovation process and reduce potential headaches.

Keep Within Your Budget

Setting a budget for your home renovation project not only ensures that you can fund it from start to finish but also allows you to scale your project in relation to your overall funds. Make a list of must-have items you want and any additional nice-to-have features you can do away with to fit into your budget.

When determining the budget, leave 15% to 20% extra on top of your base funds to act as an emergency fund in case of any unforeseen circumstances during the project (or if you want the leeway to splurge on something!).

Choose A Good Starting Point

Even if you can afford to renovate your home all at once, starting renovations in a specific area is a good idea. Kitchens and bathrooms are great starting points for home renovations as they can still be well isolated from living rooms/bedrooms while still dictating the overall function of the house.

Hiring Professional Help

When choosing professionals to help with your renovations or home extensions in Adelaide, it’s important not to select any contractor at random. Even experienced builders may need additional time if the renovation project you’re hiring them for is outside their expertise.

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As a result, it is essential to conduct thorough research to hire the best professionals for the job. Go through their references and reviews, and take the time to ensure that they understand their job and that both of you agree on the approach to the renovation plan to avoid any potential misunderstandings.

Plan Your Living Situation Before The Renovations

Once you have a start day for your home renovation projects, it’s time to start planning your living situation. The sooner you finish planning your living situation before renovations begin, the less disruptive the project will be to your lifestyle.

If you intend to stay at home, you may need to temporarily re-appropriate different areas of your home to accommodate your living conditions, such as using the living room as a temporary dining space. If you plan on staying somewhere else, make sure to book your rooms ahead of time and coordinate with your friends and family if you’re staying with them.

Prepare Your Home

Renovation projects can kick up quite a bit of dust and debris, even in rooms outside the main project area. So before starting a renovation project, it’s best to tidy up and declutter as much as possible before work begins.

Some general tips for preparing your home for a renovation:

  • Clear any unnecessary items from the main renovation area
  • Keep any fragile or expensive items to prevent accidental damage
  • Cover furniture with a protective tarp to prevent dust and debris from collecting
  • Keep away curtains and other items that can collect dust
  • Store your items in rolling clothing racks and lightweight bins so you can easily move things back once the renovations are done
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Organising Home Renovation

Because renovating a room or a home necessitates a substantial amount of materials, it’s preferable if you can get everything you need on-site before the project begins. Work closely with your contractor to source all the required materials so that your contractors can complete the renovation project on time.

Another important factor to consider before beginning renovation work is finalising your plans. Changing orders in the middle of a renovation can cost you a lot of time and money, so collaborate with a designer to help visualise what the space will look like and make any changes well before the work begins.

Check-In Over The Renovation Period

While you should put your trust in your contractors to get the job done, it doesn’t hurt to check in with them now and then to see how things are going, especially in the early stages of the project.

Checking in with the renovation team can help ensure everything is in working order and allows you to point out any potential errors or mistakes before they develop further. Be sure to communicate any questions or issues with the renovation process, so you and your renovation team are on the same page.

Get Started On Your Home Renovation Plans

Organising a well-executed home renovation plan takes a lot of work, and we hope the tips above have helped sort out your own organisational goals. If your renovations pan out smoothly, keep in touch with your renovation team and contractors, so you know just who to contact for the next one!

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