4 Ways to Update Your Family Photo Display

A wall full of black and white framed pictures showcasing updated family photos.


Displaying family photos throughout different areas of your living space is a personal touch that can help turn a house into a home.

Of course, you can take this design element of your home to the next level by incorporating some new elements that accentuate your picture display. To update your family photo center, choose one of these design-savvy tips.

1. Use a Digital Picture Frame

When your wall space is limited, using a digital picture frame is a great option for displaying many pictures in a small area. If you’re not familiar with these electronic gadgets, they are a digital tablet that displays rotating images on an LCD viewing screen. There are several different brands and models of digital frames at a range of price points.

For the less expensive models, photographs are loaded onto a USB drive that is plugged into the tablet for viewing. Higher-end models have wireless internet capability, and images can be uploaded directly to the device, making it easy to add or remove pictures. Most mass-market digital photo frames have between seven- and 15-inch screens, but you can also create your own larger digital picture frame using a microcomputer and a TV.

2. Create a Year-Round Family Photo Collage

Nearly every family displays staged/posed family photos taken throughout the years. Add some creativity to your photo display by designing a year-round family photo collage and rotate the pictures monthly. You can purchase a collage frame or arrange a few individual frames in the same area to create your own collage.

Change the photos out each month to match the time of year. For example, add snow pictures in February, family vacation photos in July and holiday photo cards in December. This will create an interesting focal point in your house and allow you to display a variety of candid photos that show your family’s fun side throughout the year.

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3. Print a Family Photo Calendar

With the improved availability of print, on-demand services, you can now create customized items without having to purchase in bulk. Pick out 12 family photos that best capture your family dynamic and head over to your favorite custom printing website to upload your photos and create your family photo calendar. Not only is this a unique way to display some of your favorite family memories, but it’s also a functional tool that can serve as a focal point for your family throughout the year.

4. Build a Photo Family Tree

Bring your family history to life and create some unique wall art by setting up a photo family tree. Start by painting a tree to create your photo wall backdrop, or you can use a tree pattern vinyl decal for quick and easy setup. There are many beautiful tree wall patterns available, so choose one that fits the size of your space and the color of your walls. For an additional creative touch, add a family-related quote and choose individual photos in the same style or color to pull everything together and maximize the artistic effect.

Add Creativity to Your Photo Display

Family photo displays are about more than just pictures in frames. By adding some creativity to your family photos and combining them with digital displays, coordinated photo styles, vinyl decals or useful calendars, you can create a memorable focal point for your entire family.

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