3 Of The Best Bedroom Plants For Your Space

A bedroom with a bed and a bedside table, enhanced by three of the best plants for your space.

Bedroom plants are a great way to bring light back into your space. When used properly, bedroom plants can also boost your mood, restore a sense of calm to your space, and even filter out air pollutants present in your space naturally.

If you’re looking to get better sleep in your bedroom, plants are a great way to accomplish just this. Other ways you can keep your bedroom looking optimized for better sleep including investing in a great hybrid mattress, finding a bedtime routine that works for you, and practicing healthy sleep hygiene practices every night.

Here are some of our top recommendations:

Three Bedroom Plants For Better Sleep

  • Snake Plants: These are low-maintenance plants that also have naturally air-purifying tendencies that make them the ideal choice for your bedroom. These are also one of the few plants that can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night – all it needs is bright, indirect light.
  • English Ivy: Another air purifying plant, English Ivy is known for its naturally long branches. It can get rid of as much as formaldehyde, benzene, and xylene among other things, for better circulation.
  • Spider Plants: Though they tend to require more air circulation than other plants, spider plants are still one of the easier plants to maintain once they’ve completed their initial growth stages.

Other plants can also have an aesthetically pleasing appearance on your bedroom overall and can contribute to your overall mood and wellbeing just by being used as decor.

Peace lilies, gardenia, aloe vera, and palm are all examples of plants that can do a lot of good in your bedroom and thrive in environments that might not have a lot of natural light, or in which you can only afford to water them occasionally.

Other ways to improve sleep

When you’re trying to improve your sleep cycle, it’s important that you try and work on all other areas of your bedtime routine as well. While bedroom plants can be one way to aesthetically improve your rest, it is still important to try and develop other parts of your sleep cycle.

These include:

Your sleep setup: Investing in the best hybrid mattress for your sleep can do wonders for your sleep cycle. That’s because hybrid mattresses manage to balance between support and comfort in a way that most sleepers find very rewarding. To find the best hybrid mattress for your rest, be sure to read up on reviews and try and think about targeted sleep problems you want to address.

Cozy bedding can also play a role in how well you sleep. Be sure to look out for sheets that are naturally cooling and hypoallergenic for a good night of rest.

Your bedtime routine: Once you’ve found the best hybrid mattress for a good night’s sleep, there are other ways you can work on improving your sleep. This includes developing a bedtime routine you find genuinely calming and relaxing each night.

Your bedtime routine can involve drinking a warm cup of milk, having some herbal tea, or playing your favorite podcast when it’s time to wind down. Try to avoid activities that involve blue light, since this will only work to disrupt your sleep cycle further.

Whether you’re just starting to pick out bedroom plants that can truly spruce up your space, or you want to figure out a way to get better sleep, being invested in your bedtime routine can really pay off in terms of your focus, energy, and overall wellness.

By investing in the right hybrid mattress for you, keeping your space cozy, and prioritizing getting eight hours of rest each night, you’re going to find it a lot easier to get a good night’s sleep.


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