Mattress Buying Guide: How To Choose The Right Mattress

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While buying a mattress, finding the exact size is always good, but also, a size larger can do well. But, purchasing a mattress smaller than required is a worse investment.

The most common bed sizes available are the twin, double, full, queen, king, California king, to mention a few. They also vary in composition, e.g., there are foamy, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses. So, if you want to get a bed with benefits of both foam-based and innerspring, and of a dimension ideal for a single adult, you may choose the twin XL hybrid mattress to get the desired comfort.

In a world of so many mattress variations, how to decide the right one for you? This article will serve as a self-guide for you to buy the ideal mattress that you are looking for. We shall start with the standard mattress sizes available in the market.


Standard mattress sizes

Twin or single mattress

They are preferred for a kid’s room or guest room. The mattress is narrow and can be easily placed in a small space. Twin size mattress dimensions are ideal for bunk beds as well. With a dimension of 39″ in width and 75″ in length, they come in various patterns.

Pros: Due to their small size, they fit in small bedrooms. They are available in many forms and are the least expensive of the lot.

Cons: As a standard size, it is small for adults.

Twin extra long Mattress

These mattresses are similar to the twin size in width but longer by 5 inches. They are generally seen in hostels. With a dimension of 39″ wide x 80″ long, they are ideal for tall teenagers.

Pros: The more extended size is suitable for tall teens and young adults. They can be easily kept in guestrooms, and two twin extra-size beds can be kept alongside to accommodate two people. You can combine them to transform them into a king-sized bed.

Cons: They are available in lesser patterns, and difficult to find bed frames for them.

For couples, a twin XL bed will be smaller in width, and you won’t get enough comfortable space to sleep well. For you, the preferred size will be the full-size mattress or the queen mattress.

Full size mattress

They are 15″ more comprehensive than a twin, but when couples sleep, they will have much lesser space between them. Double mattresses are most common for two people. But if you want more room to stretch and roll, the queen mattress is ideal for you.

Pros: Full mattresses can be kept in a smaller room and suitable for a single person who is less than 5’5″ in height.

Cons: For couples, a double mattress can be narrower and short for tall people.

Queen size mattress

With a dimension of 21″ wide and 5″ long, they are 5″ longer and 6″ wider than a double mattress. This extra dimension can offer a night of good sleep. A queen mattress is ideal for couples who love to snuggle.

Pros: Give enough space to two adults and enable a comfortable slumber. You get a variety of sheets and blankets for a queen bed.

Cons: A 30″ of space can be less for many couples. Check the mattress dimensions before you buy so that you get the right fit.

A room with a wooden floor furnished with a mattress.

King size mattress

A standard king-size bed can remove the limitation of the double and queen mattresses that a couple may face. Even when purchasing sheets, you come across a variety of selections. Standard king mattresses are 16″ wider than a queen mattress but of similar length.

Pros: This site is best suited for all couples, and the mattresses can fit in a good bed frame of the exact dimensions.

Cons: Due to its size, a king mattress cannot be easily moved. They are also more expensive than a double or a queen mattress.

California king mattress

If you want a bed larger than the king sized mattress, it is 12″ broader and 4″ longer than a queen mattress. They are the most extended bed available in the market and best suited for tall people. It may be challenging to move them, so when you purchase, see that you buy it from a store or a company that offers a bed in a box option.

Pros: A California king mattress is wide and spacious for couples. Its extra length makes them ideal for tall adults.

Cons: It will be daunting to move them along the stairs through narrow doorways and won’t fit in a small room.

Some companies manufacture mattresses that vary from the standard sizes in their definition of standard dimension. Before you buy a mattress, prioritize your criteria and why you need a particular mattress. Ensure you are accurate with your room and bed dimension, the purpose of purchase is clear, and you explore a few good options before investing in a mattress.

Custom sizes

Besides the standard sizes, you may get a customized size according to your needs. Finding a custom mattress may sound alluring, but you may not get a similar bed to fit them.

How big a mattress do I need?

Ideally speaking, your mattress must be 6 inches longer than the tallest person sleeping on it. For couples, you must have sufficient space so that you can relax and feel cozy. You don’t have to fight over an area and or sleep with a feeling of suffocation. There must be extra room so that each of you can toss and turn and sleep with stretched hands and legs.

Just buying a mattress is not sufficient; you may have to move it from time to time. So, you should look into this aspect that you can move through your doorways, up and down stairs if any and after placing them in a room, there remains sufficient space for other furniture.

Determine what you need, make a list of your preferences, and understand the mattress dimensions before purchasing that is ideal for you.

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