What Are The Events & Aftermath If The Internet Shuts Down?

A woman is using a laptop with an internet shuts down sign on it.

We can all recall some distant memories of the times when there was not a consistent internet connection at home, a time when we had to put up with each other’s regular torture and had family gathering when entertainment was amiss.

These days, it appears impossible to avoid the use of the internet, which is an important need for people. Our daily lives depend on the use of the internet and its services. These days you can get internet on small plans and packages. You can get the services on contracts or internet en casa sin contrato. You can have multiple services from internet providers or just some. You can use numerous opportunities when it comes to having an internet connection and multiple others with the help of the internet.

However, just like any other piece of high-technology structure, it could collapse at any time. Therefore, what would happen if the internet stopped functioning altogether, except maybe at the governmental level, or what if it collapses altogether?

If the internet disappeared forever, what would eventually happen?

Businesses including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Facebook would experience a sharp decline in business, if not a complete extinction, if the internet were to go offline permanently. The entire world economy would need to restructure itself, which would result in trillions of dollars being spent, widespread international poverty, and cause an economic collapse unlike anything the world has ever seen.

Additionally, due to overload, facilities and services would experience significant stress and eventually fail. States and nations would be left in the dark when the 24-hour news cycle ended. Air traffic would stop operating, severely disrupting travel. Metropolitan systems and suburban train networks would be used. Every satellite would need to be turned off, which would result in the loss of services like the GPS.

The breakdown of ATMs worldwide would cause unexpected lines to grow outside banks. The massive work of physically clearing cheques, moving money, and releasing funds would then fall to those banks. The program would eventually break down, and the share market around the world would tumble. It would not take long for grocery shelves to run out if businesses could not easily and quickly interact with one another.

In the end, the loss of the net would result in nothing less than a societal disaster. In the absence of the practical solutions that have become part of the routine to us throughout our entire lives, we would be thrust back in time and faced with the worst issue our species has ever encountered. The sole advantage would be that we would not be wasting time scrolling through any of our friends’ or coworkers’ smarmy Christmas posts on Facebook or Instagram. However, the society will face a huge loss. People will lose contact and utter chaos will be at the brim of society. People will panic and the government will have to enforce new regulations to calm the public down.

If the internet were to fail, what would be the sudden result?

First off, anything that containing the words “web,” “cloud,” “smart,” or “live” would cease to exist and will not function. Many of the apps on your phone or computer require internet access to function which will also cease to exist. They would be useless if the internet shut down. Many application working offline will also cease to happen, unless there is saved data on your phone. .

Take a seat with your phone or computer and turn off the internet to mimic what would happen if the internet service were to be permanently terminated. Nothing would work, the Wi-Fi, mobile data, nor wired connectivity.

Our capacity to stay connected online is not the only thing that is impacted by a connection to the internet that goes out. It serves as the foundation for many commercial and governmental endeavors. All of those would be immediately shut down.

The economy would collapse quickly, and as we are all aware, this results in negative events. You would not be able to file your taxes, schedule an appointment with a doctor (without having to phone anyone), or use many other innovative smart services. Your life will take a turn. But people have amazing capabilities to adjust. We will all learn to do things the old way, it will take time but people will get there.

An internet outage would not be good, in the end for people like us who are heavily dependent on the use of the internet and its services will suffer greatly.

How would people react if the internet stopped working?

Of course, we’d strive to restore internet service.

It is a network of networks at the infrastructure level. To take it out, a magician would be required to magically remove all the cables, satellites, and servers without also eradicating human civilization from the face of the planet.

However, if by some chance and case, the damage is to the infrastructure, then, we would lay down new lines and join computers into a large network, which could eventually converge into the internet, a global network.

However, if a software problem caused the entire internet to go offline at once, we would attempt to reconstruct and get it up and working. When compared to changing physical infrastructure, the amount of work required examining the code, removing any malware that may be there and clean and rewrite discs. Internet service providers and other IT businesses would have the biggest opportunity in that to work together to bring about a revamp of the “internet” and things would surely go back to normal.


Overall, it is highly unlikely that the internet will suddenly stop existing. You are more likely to have a brief internet outage of either full or partial duration then the internet going for a year. Even before things get that bad, you can encounter internet geo-blocking and other restrictions. A global internet outage is essentially unreal. There is no common switch that may be used to turn on and off the internet –thus rest easy but mindfulness of the use of the internet is important to human lives and knowing where we stand without it.

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