Front Entrance Curb Appeal

A wooden front entrance door with a glass panel enhancing curb appeal.

Does the entrance to your home present a welcome appeal or is it in need of a face lift?  With some fairly simple updates, you can turn your front entrance into a welcoming place with curb appeal.  Replacing hardware, light fixtures and adding some personal touches are just a few of the changes you can make to bring your front entrance out of the doldrums.

A dog sits in front of an orange door for enhanced curb appeal.
The front entrance of a home is decorated with flowers and potted plants, enhancing its curb appeal.

If your front door is out of date or worn, consider replacing it and even adding sidelights for extra appeal.  If replacing the door is not in your budget, a coat of paint can do wonders.  Consider your home’s siding and trim when selecting a door color and choose one that accents or coordinates.  Some good front door colors are red, green and yellow.

A decorative glass front door with a potted plant adds curb appeal to the front entrance.


A wooden front door with glass panels and a potted plant enhancing curb appeal.

Next, replace old and worn hardware on your door.  Install a new door knob and lock set.  Install a doorknocker for added interest.  The pineapple is a symbol of hospitality and makes a welcome addition to the front door.  The lion doorknocker is a traditional favorite as well.

Two pictures showcasing door handles for front entrance curb appeal.
Left, Houzz. Right,
A lion and pineapple door knocker enhancing front entrance curb appeal.
Pineapple, Lion,

A front entrance should be well lit.  Install new lighting fixtures and make sure to replace burned out bulbs.  Consider adding more light fixtures if what you currently have doesn’t provide enough illumination.  There are numerous styles of fixtures that can add flair to your entrance.

Two ornate outdoor wall sconces to enhance front entrance curb appeal.
Left, Kichler LED light courtesy of Right,
The front entrance of a home is lit up at night, enhancing its curb appeal.

Decorative planters with seasonal plants give your front entrance an instant lift, adding color and texture.  For low maintenance plants, boxwoods are an excellent choice.  Invest in decorative self-watering planters for even more efficiency.

A front porch with stone steps and flower pots, enhancing the front entrance's curb appeal.


Two black planters with plants on the front porch, enhancing curb appeal.
Self-watering planters from Plow and Hearth

A wreath on the front door is not just for the holidays.  Hang a wreath throughout the year, changing it for the season.  It is also fun to create wreaths for each holiday throughout the year.  This is the opportune place to add your personal touch.

A Very Natural And Cozy Renovation


A front porch adorned with Christmas decorations to enhance curb appeal during the holiday season.
A front entrance with a blue door and potted plants adds curb appeal.
A red front door with potted plants, enhancing front entrance curb appeal.

Put out the welcome mat, literally.  A nice door mat is not only functional but adds a nice touch.


A doormat adding front entrance curb appeal to a wooden floor.

Add a small bench or chair at the entry or if you have a front porch, decorate it as you would an interior room.  Make the space warm and welcoming with personal touches.

A welcoming front entrance with a porch featuring a bench and chairs for enhanced curb appeal.


The entrance to your home should be attractive, well maintained and welcoming.  Keep it clean and updated with new hardware, lighting fixtures, doors and decorative touches.  Add flair to your home’s curb appeal with these simple changes.


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