How To Decorate A Spacious Flat Like A Bungalow

How to decorate a spacious flat in a bungalow style.

Whether it’s been a while since you’ve moved into your luxurious multi-bedroom apartment or if you just took occupancy after many months of searching for the best flats for sale in Noida, changing the interior décor of the apartment is always a great idea. This is because many homeowners wish to refresh the appearance and feel of their interior spaces for a change of pace or because you already had an idea about doing it all alone. But, of course, you would first think of numerous things, such as finding a great interior designer, and then the next thing – ‘budget’ makes you hesitant! So, we’ll show you modern home decor ideas to spruce up your apartment like a bungalow.

A 3D rendering of a modern bungalow with a swimming pool.

Using Colour to Make the space look bigger!

The most straightforward method for maximising the space in the living room is to paint the walls with lighter shades of colours. This is one of the best interior design ideas for the living room as lighter colours make the room look even bigger than it is in reality. The walls’ lighter, pastel colour makes rooms such as the kitchen and dining area look and feel more extensive and more significant in space! Alternatively, any room looks more modest in hazier shades. LED lights for rooms make the paint sparkle more brilliant, enhancing its look.

Make Use Of Decorative Mirrors!

Decorative mirrors add beauty, extra bright light and dimension to any area while doubling as storage space for your belongings. In addition, you may use mirrors to increase the look and feel of a room by providing an optical illusion of more room. When positioned directly across the windows, Mirrors instantly make smaller areas seem more significant. Decorative mirrors are large and a beautiful frame can immediately grab eyeballs of the visitors and guests, thereby elevating the room’s vibe.

Keep it Minimal!

The new trend in terms of interior décor seems to follow the minimal is the new maximum rule. While decorating your large apartment, don’t go into decorating every inch of the house. Keep things basic as much as possible by adding a classy and elegant touch to your apartment by adopting minimal design. This is the most popular interior design idea for living rooms and exterior space such as balcony and terrace. Never fill your home with useless items. Instead, use functional items as decorative accents. Choose a villa design style that complements your character, such as house wall paintings, decorative lighting, false ceiling, etc. 

Built A Sustainable Balcony in Your Garden!

Planting flowers inside your balcony flat will enhance the beauty and atmosphere. An indoor garden might help you become sustainable by planting fruits and vegetables. It will also give your apartment a fresh vibe by adding an airy, modern, and sophisticated appeal. You may arrange your plants differently in different areas of your apartment to give a new look to the room every few weeks.


If you want to design your own house and decorate it like a bungalow you can achieve it by adopting modern home design ideas such as designer mirrors, wall paintings, light colours. If you are looking for a professional interior design expert, you may find the right help by visiting Nobroker’s online portals.

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