7 Cost-Effective Ways to Improve Living Room Décor

A living room featuring a stylish blue couch and a coffee table.

Over the last 18 months, our homes have become multifaceted venues. They have turned into classrooms, offices, gyms, restaurants, theatres, and so much more. The once-in-a-century global health crisis has served as an opportunity to upgrade the home from top to bottom. We have had more time on our hands to perform chores around the house and conjure up ideas to revitalize our property – inside and out.

While many families would love to complete a living room or kitchen makeover, budgets could be a little tight in the post-pandemic economy. So, does this mean the same gray walls, damaged sofa (thanks cats!), and the nine-year-old lamp will be filling up the primary area of your space?

Not quite. You don’t have to break the bank to enhance the living room décor. From wholesale home décor products to a trip to the dollar store, you can get your hands on some terrific designs and solutions. With a little bit of creativity and some wholesale home décor, you could transform your detached home or condominium unit into luxury.

We have compiled a guide of seven cost-effective ways to improve living room décor:

1. Clean, organize, and rearrange

Who possesses the time or memory to shift the couch and vacuum underneath? How many times have you avoided moving the oven to clean up all the breadcrumbs? When was the last time you cleaned the windows and washed the curtains? Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day, much of which is consumed by work, taking care of the kids, and bingeing on old Seinfeld episodes.

However, if you are motivated to overhaul your living room, an easy victory is to perform a thorough cleaning. While you’re at it, you can also rearrange your sofa, chairs, entertainment unit, and any other piece of furniture in the common area. The coup de grâce? Open the curtains and the windows to let the fresh air infiltrate your walls.

2. Artwork

Artwork can revitalize any living space and provide your home with some personality. You don’t have to worry about spending $5 million on a Vincent Van Gogh or Johannes Vermeer painting to achieve a creative endeavour for your living room. There are plenty of wholesale home décor options at your disposal to rejuvenate your blank walls. From canvas affirmations to clever signage, you can show off both your home and your family’s disposition.

3. The power of plants

Plants are not only soothing additions to your home, but they also serve as excellent living room décor pieces. They emit colour, alter the shape of any area, and give life to your living room.  Many interior decor images will showcase large house plants, but this is unnecessary to achieve the aim of house plants. Smaller substitutes, such as tiny tabletop plants, can add comfort and design to your living room.

4. Embrace storage solutions

Many living rooms are cluttered. From books to toys to DVDs, too much stuff can be the bane of any living room’s existence. It makes the room uncomfortable and deteriorates the decorative conditions of this widely utilized space.

Over the years, many interior specialists have manufactured storage solution products that blend into the living room design. You no longer need to erect a giant apparatus in the corner of the room to store your magazines or cat’s bed. The marketplace has created many products that act as both functional furniture and organizational storage.

5. Add candlelight ambience

Is candlelight old-fashioned? Not really, but it depends on your tastes. Candlelight transforms the environment into a romantic one or a cozy ambience. Like everything else, candlelight has a 21st-century update since you don’t have to breathe in or risk a fire with an authentic flame. There are digital versions of candles with remotes!

6. Upgrade your coffee cups

How long have you had your coffee cups? If you have used the same mugs for more than three years, perhaps it is time to give them an upgrade. Most people do not store their coffee cups in the living room. However, the mugs usually rest on the coffee table (with a coaster!) to accompany your journey into a literary murder mystery or your six-hour binge session of I Love Lucy. Sure, a basic white cup will do the trick, but adding some character to your mug, like an image of a cat, is a stellar alternative.

7. Renovate your bathroom (when you take a break from the living room!)

Whether your living room is your workspace or your entertainment sphere, you frequently need a break from this part of your home. The bathroom is typically the go-to reprieve. As a reminder, your bathroom no longer needs to be a place to do your business and keep clean. Instead, it can be a hybrid between the functions of a washroom and an oasis.

Believe it or not, there are many decorative pieces you can install to ensure that your bathroom is not a bare-bones restroom. Some items include a change of soap pump, a unique shower curtain, or a calming piece of artwork.

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