Great Ideas For Furnishing a Child’s Bedroom

A blue bedroom with a rock star theme.

When your kids are ready to have their own bedrooms, you have a duty to create the safest, most fun room for them. You’ll be surprised how excited kids are to help out in designing their rooms. However, you must take the lead on the decoration project and ensure the final design is both functional and pleasing.

The budget will vary depending on the specifics of the décor. If you’re prepared to spend a little more to give your pumpkin the coziest bedroom, you may end up spending tens of thousands on decoration alone. However, you can also choose s modest design for under $5,000.

Whichever your choice, we’ve rounded up several interesting ideas to furnish a child’s room without involving the professionals. 

1. Have a plan

Just as when furnishing an adult space, the first step to furnishing a child’s room is to have a plan. Decide what you need and why you need it. For instance, you’re thinking about buying a crib. But, do you really need one? If you have an unused crib somewhere, it may be more practical to use it rather than purchase a new one. However, you may also want to upgrade. The choice is yours. Just make sure to make an informed decision.

Planning also means thinking about the budget. How much have you set aside for the decoration? Knowing your budget early will help you get your priorities right.

2. Consider multi-functionality

The thing with kids is that they want everything. If you let them choose the furniture they’d like to have, you may get an endless list. Even adults may be spoilt for choice when shopping for kid’s furniture, sometimes leading to the purchase of multiple pieces with overlapping functions. The problem is worsened by the fact kids grow fast, thus may outgrow furniture quickly.

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The solution to these issues is to consider multi-duty pieces. For instance, instead of purchasing a regular changing table, opt for a paddle-shaped cradle chair. When they outgrow the nappy-changing stage, they can use the piece as a rocking chair.

3. Make sure the furniture is low

It goes without saying, but children’s furniture should be small enough to fit the children. Yes, the kid will grow. However, that doesn’t mean you buy a teenage table for your 5-year-old toddler. It creates unnecessary safety issues and also makes it challenging for them to play around.

So, make sure the tables are small and the chairs low enough for them to get on without too much struggle. Also, if they’re old enough to dress, make sure they can reach the top of their dressers without extra help. It makes things easier even for you.

4. Consider rounded corners

Sharp edges are cute. They offer clean lines that make the room look modern and organized. Sharp-edged furniture are also easier to arrange as they fit corners better. Unfortunately, for kids, sharp edges are also a major source of risk.

So, consider furniture with rounded edges for child safety. Whether it’s tables, chairs, or cabinets, it’s better to have rounded edges that don’t fit perfectly than sharp edges that expose the kit to accidents. If you can’t readily find furniture with rounded edges, add silicone corner protectors to make the existing furniture safer.

5. Don’t skimp on quality

Since kids outgrow items fast, including furniture, you may be tempted to pile on low-quality pieces that last perhaps one or two years. Unfortunately, low-quality furniture comes with a few downsides. First, low-quality is synonymous with safety risks. That poor-quality bed could break and cause the kid preventable injuries.

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Additionally, how sure are you that you won’t need that furniture in the future? What if you have a few more kids down the line? The quality pieces you purchased ten years ago would save you from buying new furniture. Above all, you can always sell the furniture when you feel like to recoup your investment.

6. Provide plenty of storage

While you attempt to find the most modern furniture that appeal to your kid, don’t forget about storage. The kid’s rooms can become cluttered in a matter of days merely because they play with everything. Even the furniture pieces themselves can become items to play with. So, you need plenty of storage space to tuck away the items they’re not actively using.

Bunk bed wall in the kids’ room frees up space for other decor
Bunk bed wall in the kids’ room frees up space for other decor

A built-in storage compartment is one option. It provides a permanent storage unit, meaning you don’t need to bring in too many stand-alone cabinets down the line.

However, you’ll also need several cupboards and drawers. Typically, the more storage, the better.


The key to furnishing a child’s room isn’t a massive budget. Instead, it’s about experimenting to find a perfect balance.

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