Energy-Efficient Bathroom Fixtures for the Best ROI

A modern bathroom with wooden cabinets and a window.

When property owners consider making their home more efficient, they usually consider making changes in their kitchen and living room. However, despite the bathroom being one of the smallest areas in the house, it’s a spot where investors can trim their electric and water bills. Even on a budget, minor cosmetic changes can make your home more eco-friendly. Here are our top four energy-efficient bathroom fixtures for the best ROI:

Energy-Efficient Bathroom Fixtures

  • LED Bulbs

Swap out your old bulbs for LED lights that will illuminate your bathroom nicely and save energy. Investing in a few energy-efficient bulbs is one of the easiest ways to revamp a bathroom without renovation with some brands costing as little as $20. Besides, these fixtures can also save you money in the long run. They last 40 times as long as their incandescent counterparts and consume less electricity.

  • Eco-Friendly Toilets

Another excellent energy-efficient fixture is an eco-friendly toilet. These fixtures could literally help you stop flushing water down the drain. Unlike more traditional models, these toilets use smaller amounts of water. Thus, you can save several more gallons per day. Even if you’re not paying the water bill, your tenants would certainly appreciate saving more money each month.

  • Ventilation Fans

Ventilation is crucial in every bathroom because these spaces often retain moisture. Allowing moisture and humidity to settle for too long in your bathroom could compromise some of the structures. Also, it could create the right conditions for a mold infestation. Ventilation fans are an energy-efficient way to keep your bathroom dry without drawing too much power. Moreso, these fans barely emit any noise, so that they won’t be a nuisance to your tenants.

  • Low-Flow Showerhead and Faucet

Long hot showers can feel like a treat after a hard work day, but they consume a lot of water and energy. While it’s not practical to tell your tenants to restrict their showers to a certain number of minutes, you can limit the water they use. Low-flow showerheads are an innovative solution that can save you as much as 2 gallons per minute.

How a Bathroom Remodel Can Increase Your Home Value

Energy-Efficient Bathroom

Bathroom Renovation Tips for the Best ROI

  • Develop a Layout

Before starting a renovation project, you must develop a concise model of what you want. Your layout should include what changes you want to make and the ideal materials you’d prefer. With that in mind, you can accurately make plans and determine potential costs.

  • Create a Budget

You can move on to the next phase with a design layout in mind. The price tag of your remodeling project can quickly swell, so having a budget helps make things a lot easier. However, to get an accurate estimate, you should consult local contractors to find out about costs. With that in mind, you can set aside the required sum without going too far over your budget.

  • Select Materials Carefully

The materials you choose for your bathroom must withstand a lot of wear and tear. For starters, they all need to be waterproof since these areas constantly deal with splashes of liquids. The materials should also be resistant to the harsh chemicals necessary for keeping them clean.

How to Calculate ROI of Bathroom Remodel

If you’re going through the trouble of a bathroom remodel, you’ll at least want it to be worth your while. Thus, it’s crucial to learn how to calculate the ROI of a bathroom remodel.

Although, you should note that it’s hard to narrow down the return on a single fixture. Most experts give estimations based on how much you do. For example, midrange remodels, which cost around $20,000, would increase your ROI by 64%. Such a project would involve minor changes like swapping to ceramic tiles, changing the toilet, and adding a cabinet. On the other hand, An upscale remodel which requires closer to seventy grand would net only 57% ROI. A typical revamp would mean changing more than the flooring. Homeowners would make additional changes like buying a double vanity and installing a new walk in shower.

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Of course, you can always consult your contractor if you need help with the calculation. Also, it would be an excellent idea to speak with other landlords who have recently made the same changes. Additionally, qualified property managers can offer renovation ideas to improve rental property value.


As a landlord, reducing energy usage in your bathroom could be an excellent way to save more money. This article outlined four energy-efficient bathroom fixtures for the best ROI possible. LED bulbs and ventilation fans are great tools for cutting back on your electric bill. Eco-friendly toilets and low-flow showerheads can save more water.

Although swapping to these eco-friendly models would require some upfront cost, they’re often worth it. Pairing these changes with other cosmetic alterations can significantly boost your home value and monthly returns. You’ll also find your renovation projects easier if you develop a layout, create a budget, and select materials carefully.

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