A Guide To Reorganising Your Garage

A garage with a lot of tools and equipment.

If your garage has reached a point where you have to move something away to get to an item, it may be time for some reorganisation. However, turning your garage from a dumping ground into a tidy storage area can be challenging, especially if boxes and items have started piling up over the years.

Fortunately, there are ways to turn your garage into a better space. Read on below for a guide on how to do so.

1. Choose The Right Time and Weather

You’ll find that sorting and organising your garage will go much faster if you set aside enough time to get it done in a day or two, with the weekend being your best bet.

You will spend most of the time decluttering and removing any unwanted items from your garage. As such, having sunny weather on the day you clear out your garage is preferable, so you can temporarily keep some things outside without the fear of rain.

2. Clearing Out The Clutter

The first order of business is to remove any items you no longer need from your garage. Separate the items in your garage into two categories – things you still need and items you no longer need, which you can dispose of, donate, or sell off.

A general rule of thumb is to remove any items from your garage that you haven’t used in the last 12 months. It’s not always easy to determine this (that box of cables has to come in useful sometime, right?), so get a fresh set of eyes to help with the sorting if you can.

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Once you’ve cleared out the excess clutter from your garage, you can take the time to vacuum the area and give it a quick wash to keep it clean and hygienic. You can save the deep clean until after you’ve finished organising the garage.

3. Setting Up The Space

Once you’re left with the items you want to keep in the garage, it’s time to begin the actual organisation. Start by grouping similar items together, such as tools, cleaning equipment or spare parts.

Be sure to label your shelves and storages boxes with the appropriate labels, as this will make looking for items much easier, and you no longer have to rummage through multiple similar-looking boxes to acquire a roll of tape.

For tools, you can try investing in a tool wall to have them all in one place while also giving you the benefit of easy access and letting you know if anything has gone missing from your inventory.

After you’ve grouped your items, improve your organisational efficiency by creating different areas for different things in your garage. You can also try and maximise your space by rearranging the layout to best suit your needs.

4. Store Upwards, Not Outwards

Garages don’t tend to be spacious, especially when you have a vehicle or two parked inside. To combat this, you can invest in storage solutions that best use the space in your garage.

For the most effective use of space, try and store your items vertically instead of horizontally. Tall, thin shelves along the walls are great for miscellaneous boxes, while wall hooks allow you to hang various items without taking up horizontal space.

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If you have the headspace for it, you can also try to install ceiling storage, which is great for keeping items such as ladders and camping equipment, while leaving the floor space free. This method of storing is more viable for those with garage roller doors, as sectional garage doors tend to take up more headroom.

5. Ensure That It’s Safe

If you have children around the house who use the garage as a play area, be sure to consider the safety of your garage before anything else. While having tools outside on a board is convenient, storing these and other dangerous equipment in a cabinet is much safer.

For shelving, try and place more frequently used items closer to the ground for easy access and to reduce the risk of accidents happening when you’re trying to grab something from a higher shelf.

6. Turning Your Garage Into A Multi-Purpose Space

This is an optional step, but one you can try and take on after you’ve finished storing and reorganising everything in your garage, especially if you have extra underutilised space. Depending on the size of your garage, you can turn parts of your garage into a home office, relaxation or entertainment corner, or a gym space for workouts.

Before you begin your garage transformation, check that your garage is of a high enough standard to accommodate it, with proper air ventilation and insulation. If you’re not sure, chat with your local garage experts for a professional opinion.

Time To Start Reorganising!

Reorganising your garage can be a tricky but fruitful endeavour. Decluttering, cleaning and reorganisation will allow you to utilise your garage to its fullest potential, all at the meagre cost of a weekend’s hard work!

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