Choosing Furniture for an Open Plan Dining Room

A living room with a dining table and chairs.

Space constraints are a challenge in small dining room design, but plenty of room also comes with a set of problems.

Furnishing an open-plan dining room requires good use of the space you have. Since you have plenty of room and no walls to define the zones in your home, a proper arrangement is the best way to distinguish one area from another. And to achieve a perfect design, you must select the right open plan dining room furniture.

The abundance, and sometimes, scarcity of space, makes furniture choice a primary consideration. In essence, whatever you choose to throw into your design should cover up enough ground while complementing other elements of your open plan home.

What is an Open Plan Dining Room?

The open plan is an interior design layout that excludes the walls and doors installed to split a house into rooms.

This approach leaves a large space for homeowners to furnish and split into zones through strategic furniture arrangement, short/temporary barriers, raised/recessed floors, etc.

Open Plan Living Dining Room
Open Plan Living Dining Room

Instead of building walls, this plan leaves 2 or more rooms creating a large continous space.

Most open plan designs connect 3 rooms–the living room, dining area, and the kitchen. In some cases, the kitchen is separated by a short wall–or a complete wall with a small opening connecting the adjoining spaces.

Choosing Open Plan Dining Room Furniture: How to Pick the Right Ones

The fact that you’re building your dining area right next to your living room means the two should be in harmony.

The furniture you add to your dining space must define the space without blocking or disrupting other areas.

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Again it must fit into the kind of space you have. Follow these steps when choosing furniture for an open-plan dining area.

square coffee table, round dining table
square coffee table, round dining table

How much space does the set cover?

The dining room furniture in an open plan floor should cover just enough space to allow free movement throughout the room and your guests to enjoy a comfortable dining experience.

Also, you can pick a sizeable conspicuous set to help mark the zone as separate from others and achieve the bold aesthetics you’re after.

Compare the different shapes and sizes to choose a set that will fit your room and interior design perfectly.

How tall is the set?

Levels are another crucial consideration in open plan design. The average height of your living room furniture should guide you to the right set of dining room furniture.

If you have low-lying sofa sets, do not go for an overly tall set because it won’t harmonize well with other sections.

Is the space narrow or wide?

Long and narrow spaces require long rectangular dining tables with plenty of seating tucked into the sides. If you prefer a different shape, use an oval table. You can also consider benches or stools over seats to achieve a unique look.

open plan dinning room

On the other hand, wide spaces can accommodate both round, rectangular, and oval dining tables. Here, the challenge is to occupy as much space, so the set must cover as much ground as there is.

Color is king

There are two ways to go about color(s) in open dining room furniture. (1) Your dining room furniture must stand out (in color) from other zones or (2) harmonize well with existing themes.

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Your intent determines the approach to take. If you plan to mark the dining area as a separate room, go for furniture with contrasting colors.

However, if the goal is to create harmony, you can extend your living room palette to the dining area.

Which style?

Furniture designs range from the old rustic designs for an industrial dining area to contemporary and futuristic home designs. Your home’s theme should determine the furniture style to add to your open plan dining zone.

Other factors like material also fall under style. While some designs require strictly wooden furniture, others look better in a blend of wood and metal.

Don’t be shy to explore the different furniture styles based on personal taste and desired aesthetics. If your living room is all luxurious, consider cozy dining room furniture with a soft covering over the all-wooden versions.


Final Words of Choosing Open Plan Dining Room Furniture

Furnishing an open-plan room is perhaps the most challenging part of interior decor. This style requires strategic use of the space you have. But to achieve a proper layout, you must buy the right open plan dining room furniture and arrange it properly.

When shopping, follow the above steps to make an informed buying decision. Lastly, consider factors like whether to buy a set or purchase seats and tables as separate units. Sometimes, a complete set is a clever choice. However, it’s best to buy them separately if the pairing doesn’t fit your needs.

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