The Iconic Style of the Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs on the front porch
Rocking chairs on the front porch (porch.cvhslaw)

Were you rocked to sleep as a child?  Have you envisioned lazy summer days rocking away the hours on the front porch while sipping sweet iced tea?  Do you love the relaxing gentle sway of the rocking chair by the fire in winter?  All of these reasons and more are why the rocking chair is an icon of the furniture world.  The styles may have evolved over the years, but the basic principle is the same…a rocking chair is cozy and relaxing.  Sit back and enjoy the iconic style of the rocking chair.

Modern rocking chair
Modern rocking chair (meditacious)

The classic wood rocker is a style with which everyone is familiar.  At one time or another, you have probably sat in a rocking chair or been rocked to sleep with the gently swaying motion of one.  The rocking chair is a cozy addition to the living room.

A classic rocking chair flanks the fireplace
A classic rocking chair flanks the fireplace (bestdesignideas)

Rockers lining the front porch take us back to lazy summer days spent rocking on the porch, a cold glass of sweet tea or lemonade close at hand.  No Southern front porch is complete without at least two.

Classic porch rocking chairs
Classic porch rocking chairs (HGTV)

Wicker rocking chairs with a soft seat cushion beckon you to sit for awhile and relax.

Wicker rocking chair
Wicker rocking chair (yacineaziz)

The iconic bentwood rocking chair is a versatile style that blends into many design aesthetics from rustic to modern.  The German craftsman Michael Thonet used bent steamed wood to create this style of chair in 1860.

What is natural furniture?
Bentwood rocking chair
Bentwood rocking chair (safavieh)

The unique style variations of the rocking chair make it a piece that is highly adaptable.  A high back makes for great comfort and back support, while arms provide support of the upper body.

Unique rocking chair
Unique rocking chair (dolomites)

A classic white rocker is a stylish accent in a cottage home or in the nursery.

Classic rocking chair
Classic rocking chair (ideas4homes)

A bit rustic, this rocking chair adds a touch of natural beauty to this modern space.

Rustic rocking chair
Rustic rocking chair (

Modeled after the wing chair, this Empire rocker is a distinguished addition to the traditional living room or library.

Empire rocker
Empire rocker (Houzz)

For the minimalist, this simple rocking chair is cozy with clean lines.

Modern rocking chair
Modern rocking chair (homendol)

The iconic Eames rocker is the perfect piece for the modern home.  The Eames rocking chair can be purchased in a variety of colors for a fun spin on your interiors.

Modern rocking chair at dining table
Modern rocking chair at dining table (

The modern form of the rocking chair follows the basic design of earlier pieces, but with a modern twist. The use of metal, leather and other materials gives the modern chair or rocking recliner an update.

Modern rocking chair
Modern rocking chair (hairsoc)
Modern rocking chair
Modern rocking chair (yacineaziz)

Mid-century style rockers are a great piece to add to the modern or traditional home, imparting great style to relaxation.

Modern rocking chair
Modern rocking chair (meditacious)

The creation of the rocking chair is a bit ambiguous, but it is said that Benjamin Franklin added gliders to a regular chair, having been inspired by the cradle.  The Windsor style rocker came about in the 18th century, marking the beginning of the rocking chair journey.

Amazing furniture made from old cars
Mid-century rocking chair
Mid-century rocking chair (Houzz)

Today, the styles vary but the bottom line is that the rocking chair offers the perfect seating position, allowing the body to rest at the center of gravity.  Add to that the gentle sway and you have the perfect chair for relaxing, whether on the porch, by the fire, in the nursery or the living room.



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