Coffee Table Alternatives

A living room with a versatile coffee table alternative on wheels.

If you’re looking for coffee table alternatives, you have a plethora of choices.  You no longer have to settle for the standard square or round coffee table in front of your sofa.  You can use a pair of end tables, an ottoman, vintage trunks and suitcases and even an aquarium.  Here are a few ideas to help you decide on a unique and stylish option to the typical coffee table.

A living room with a white couch and wicker baskets, offering coffee table alternatives.

Ceramic garden stools or other stools are multi-functional coffee table alternatives.  They can be used as additional seating when needed and are space-savers, making them perfect for smaller rooms.  Stools can be used to hold drinks, books or to prop up your feet while relaxing.

A living room with red couch and chairs, offering unique coffee table alternatives.
A living room with orange furniture and alternative coffee table options.

A pair or group of side tables make a great coffee table alternative.  They can be arranged in different ways and moved around to other places, which makes them a good option for smaller spaces.  Decorating them can be fun, as you can place a plant or flowers on one, a tray or books on another and vary the display for interest.

A living room with a brown leather couch and alternative coffee table options.

Trunks as coffee tables work well with rustic, industrial or country interiors.  They provide extra storage for blankets or household items.  The rugged appeal and natural style make them a great choice for a coffee table.

A living room with a alternative wooden trunk coffee table.
A living room with a white couch and coffee table alternatives.

Vintage suitcases with legs added can be used as a coffee table that fits with cottage décor, especially when painted.  Like the trunk, suitcases provide additional storage space and are charming in their vintage appeal.

An alternative coffee table made from a white suitcase placed on a wooden floor.
A living room with leather furniture featuring unique coffee table alternatives.

Ottomans have long been used as coffee table alternatives for their versatility and style.  They can be used for additional seating and some styles offer storage options.  The variety of styles and sizes makes them a perfect match with any interior.

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A white living room with alternative coffee table options and a view of the city.
A coffee table with a built-in tray for drinks, serving as a versatile alternative to traditional coffee tables.

For a truly unique coffee table alternative, think outside the box.  An aquarium coffee table is a definite statement piece.  Other options include natural wood in appealing shapes for the modern home, lobster traps for the beach themed home, and wooden crates and pallets for the industrial or rustic home.

An alternative coffee table featuring a fish tank.
A living room with couches and unique coffee table alternatives.
A living room with a grey couch and alternative coffee table options.
A pallet coffee table alternative.

Coffee table alternatives are varied and finding just the right one for you and your home can be a fun journey.  Think outside the box and capture the true spirit of your personality with something a little different.


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