Fun Ways to Display Your Collectibles

A living room with baseball collectibles hanging on the wall.

Hobbies are a great way to indulge in your favorite things such as collections of tea sets, action figures, or rare comic books. No matter what you love, you can always find a fun way to create a special space for your things. You want to show off your displays in an aesthetically pleasing way that works with your decor.

Description: A display case filled with collectible figurines.

No matter what size your space is, you can configure shelves to fit, letting you enjoy your spoils. People love to collect items that mean something to them — an item that brings up special memories of a day at the beach or a beloved character from the past. Whatever you choose to bring home, you don’t want to hide your things in the basement. You want to protect them whether for sentimental reasons or because they’re valuable. Here are some fun and unique ways to display your collectibles in your home or office.

Funky shelves

Collections are often still growing, and even if you hope to display everything, you may be limited on space. Shelves  are a great cost-efficient way to show off the things you have collected over the years. However, you don’t have to simply use plain, horizontal shelving. You can get creative to optimize the space you have and what you’re exhibiting.

For example, if you shop for action figures at places such as Toy Titanz, you may need a variety of shelf spaces and heights. Fans of Dragon Ball Z might want to display figures by characters. You can transform old crates of varying sizes into wall shelves. You can paint them or keep the natural wood for a more rustic look. Regular shelves can be placed at staggered heights, creating a unique look. This can be a great choice for vases of different heights and widths.

Creating an Outdoor Living Space


You can brighten up your stuff by throwing some whimsical fairy lights around your fantasy book collections. You can easily weave your lights around your Game of Thrones collector editions, including other items such as your favorite characters. Posters of your favorite movies can be decorated with simple led lights christmas lights like a marquee awaiting fans to settle in to view the screening (from your couch of course!).

A white shelf displaying a collection of items.

If you’re a beach lover, lining a large, clear vase with fairy lights and adding in your shelling spoils are a beautiful way to display your shells. You can use them as barbeque decor outside and place them back in their rightful spots later, moving them around the house for different looks. 

Different kinds of shelves

Hardware stores sell all kinds of shelving, such as floating shelves, frosted glass, and long panels of wood, which you can hang up with simple hardware or pair with ornate iron brackets. If you’re displaying family vacation photos, you can have a small area in your living room dedicated to that great cruise you went on, complemented by trinkets you collected there. 

In the bathroom, glass shelving works well with the moisture levels and are easier to clean. Candles, small jars of colored salts, and other items can be displayed with pizzazz with the right shelves. Floating shelves, for example, give the illusion of being on the wall without being held up with brackets.

A shelf full of collectible toy figurines on a wooden shelf.

Shadowboxes can be staggered with smaller items such as salt and pepper collections in the kitchen, or your child’s baseball card collection in a wooden, triangle-shaped shelf. You can make your own shelves from old driftwood for ocean-themed collections, or use eclectic old wine crates. Your imagination can transform simple wall space into a warm, cozy reading area with a few great shelves and your favorite books, and a peacock chair, for one, nearby. 

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