An Assisted Living Facility Or Home Care: What Is Best For Your Loved One?

A group of elderly people sitting in an assisted living room.

Over the past few decades, people have been living an increasingly longer period. While there can be an extensive amount of benefits to this, there are a few different challenges that this brings up. One of the most notable of these the increased likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s and other diseases. However, while these diseases have begun affecting more and more people, there have been a variety of different ways to help treat and manage the disease. While there are several significant studies being done into the development and prevention of these diseases, we still need to look after a loved one who suffers from them.

Furthermore, there’s also the fact that we become increasingly less mobile as we age. As such, we may then need the help of other people to do our daily tasks. However, this then leads to the question of whether we should put them in an assisted living facility, or if we should keep them in their own homes for as long as possible. While the decision should be made from a case by case decision with the help of a medical professional, there are a few key differences between the two that may help in your decision.

When you go with either of these decisions, you may need to hire the likes of memory care in Sacramento. Similar to any other professional, it’s essential that you put a significant amount of thought and effort into who you hire, especially when it comes to your loved one’s well-being.

What Are Assisted Living Facilities & Home Care?

Assisted living facilities are essentially a community of older people who only need a modicum of assistance for their day to day needs. Having said that, there are a few notable homes in this niche that also provide care for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as several other age-related conditions. While here, your loved one will be taken care of the staff of the facility while enjoying the company of other people their age. There’s also the likes of fun activities, such as gardening, and much more.

How to Make Your Home Liveable

In contrast, home care allows your loved one to stay in their own home while a trained home health aide takes care of these needs. This one-on-one care can often provide a significant amount of benefits to your loved one, as it allows them to have more personalized care, as well as the comfort of living in their own home. This can be done for an hour a day up to 24/7 care.

It should be noted, however, that in some cases you may need more appropriate care for your loved one in the likes of a nursing home. However, this may only be as their condition deteriorates and becomes unmanageable. As such, this is something you should discuss with a professional.

Differences Between Home Care & Assisted Living

Cost is the most obvious difference between the two, as an assisted living facility is looking after your loved one 24/7 while home care may only be for a few hours a week. On top of this, the longer your loved one needs these services, the higher the cost may be, even just for a short-term basis. However, some of the most significant differences come in the form of the services and benefits that are often giving to patients. Assisted living facilities enable your loved one to live as comfortable a life as possible. This has included the likes of appropriate activities for your loved one and much more.

These services are one of the primary differences between the two. As such, this should also factor into your decision, as your loved one will be able to enjoy an active social life and much more when they’re in an assisted living facility. With that in mind, it may be somewhat of a more appropriate choice, depending on your loved one’s condition.

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As we mentioned above, you should put a significant amount of thought into which of the choices you pick. It’s also essential that you work with medical professionals and more to know how much care your loved one will need. By doing this, you’ll be able to make the most informed decision possible for your loved one. It’s also recommended that you research and visit any home that you may be considering so that you can ensure that it’s high-quality and fit for your loved one’s needs.

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