How a Minimalist Approach Can Save Your Money and Time

A minimalist collage of pictures of a living room.

Ever wondered why minimalism is such a popular concept? More and more people seem to be choosing less over more and to live happily ever after.

But what is it all about? What are the real benefits of a minimalist approach towards life? Let’s first define what minimalism means.

To be a minimalist is to find freedom, peace of mind and harmony in life in a few ways. First, it requires you to get rid of anything you don’t need in your life. Material possessions have no value, instead, meaning is given only to quality people, important goals, and life in the present moment.

A minimalist isn’t doing too many things in their days, just a few but only the activities that give them joy or help them reach their vision.

Buying and acquiring aren’t things that happen often. Instead, a minimalist likes experiencing. He wants it simple and that means no stress and anxiety, but more joy and clarity.

A living room with a minimalist approach featuring white furniture.
Minimalist living

Together with that, minimalists end up having more money and time. Here are the exact reasons why:

Minimalists spend money and time only on what they need

In the age of consumerism, most people buy stuff for the wrong reasons.

They want a car or even two, a bigger home, more clothes than they need, the latest piece of technology, and so on.

But almost none of that is necessary

The same goes for time. The average person is wasting time in overthinking and complaining, being with the wrong people, going after too many goals, wishing for a better life, having regrets for the past, or making plans for the future so that everything can be perfect.

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A modern living room with a fireplace and large windows featuring a minimalist approach.
Inspirational living room modern living room decor sofa coffee table decorating for Minimalist Decorating

However, the only good use of time is to be right here, right now, with those who truly care about you.

A minimalist would analyze what’s not worth their money and time and will then eliminate it from their life. If you too want the same approach and the freedom and happiness that come as a result, then you should do the same.

Minimalists can save money

One of the first steps those who decide to embrace minimalism take is to sell the things they don’t need. That is great because it also means letting go of the need to possess more than necessary. It could be given away, thrown or sold. In the last case, you can make some money on the side and save it.

A minimalist rack with clothes and shoes on it.
Autumn Minimal Capsule Wardrobe

From then on, the minimalist lifestyle makes you appreciate your money more and spend it only on what matters. That results in spending less and saving more.

You’ll stop living in a rush

 People these days tend to switch from one task to the next without taking a break, they often multitask which is harmful to their health. They live fast and stop enjoying life because there’s always another thing to do.

But that makes them miserable. At the end of the day, they don’t feel accomplished. Instead, they feel like there’s no time for anything important and that life goes too quickly.

A minimalist modern house in the middle of a green lawn.
A modern minimalist house

Minimalism can help you slow down. When you stop doing the things that don’t make you happy and don’t bring you closer to your goals, you have more time. Because you appreciate it more, you aren’t in a hurry to invest it in yet another activity or person, but can enjoy the moment, the silence, the solitude.

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Minimalists can spend time on their own, which has multiple benefits for your mind, body and soul. They can drink their coffee slowly in the early morning, take a walk and be in nature without texting or answering emails. They can eat their meals slowly and appreciate every bite.

That’s the kind of living minimalism can help you achieve. It’s peaceful but also filled with meaning. And because you’ll be working on the right things (and spending money on and investing time in them), you will see progress in life much sooner.

A minimalist living room with a table and chairs.
Another example of minimalism: a dining room with just a table and chairs


Sarah Williams is a full-time lifestyle, dating and self-development writer and editor of Wingman Magazine. In her free time she loves to spend time at home, which she treats like her holly temple and a reflection of her soul.

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