How to Get the Look of Refined Luxury in Your Home

A living room with a large painting on the wall exudes refined luxury.

Luxury is only partly about the furnishings and objects in a room.  Luxury also relies upon the basic elements of interior design such as harmony, balance, rhythm, color and scale.  For a room to be truly refined and luxurious, it takes a combination of these elements along with fine materials and objects.  You can even achieve the look of luxury on a budget.  Here are ideas on how to get the look of refined luxury in your home.

A living room with refined luxury featuring pink furniture and a tv.
Luxury interior (cotedetexas.blogspot)

A visually balanced space helps create a room that appears well appointed.  To attain balance in a room, make sure the furniture pieces are visually weighted the same.  Balance is created in this room with symmetry.  The sofas flanking the coffee table, the wing chairs at the window and the accessories are all arranged symmetrically, giving this room perfect balance.

A living room with beige walls and white furniture that exudes refined luxury.
This home exudes refined luxury at its best (callenderhoworth)

The pair of chairs and ottoman on the left balance the sofa on the right, giving this room balance.

A living room with a large window that exudes refined luxury.
Luxury space (

A statement piece, such as a dramatic chandelier, can instantly raise the luxury quotient of a room.

3d rendering of a modern kitchen and dining room featuring refined luxury.
Elements of refined luxury (home-designing)
How to Get the Look of Refined Luxury in Your Modern Dining Room.
Refined luxury interior (freshome)

An abundance of accessories is not necessary to create a room of luxury.  Concentrate on fewer, higher quality pieces for a refined look.

A living room with couches and a fireplace exudes refined luxury.
Living room of refined luxury (dk-decor)
A glass dining table adds refined luxury to your home's interior design.
Understated and refined interior (sloanmauran)

Details and fine materials can bring luxury to a room.  The gold trim on this paneling and the gilded accents make for a beautiful entry.

A hallway with refined luxury featuring wood paneling and gold accents.
Beautiful refined luxuries in this home (marcusmohon)

Good lighting can elevate a room, giving it a glow of luxury.  Think of lighting in three layers.  The first layer is ambient light, that which comes from windows or from overhead lighting.  The second layer is accent lighting, from lamps or lighting in shelves.  The third layer is task lighting, which may be picture lights or reading lamps.

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A living room with a fireplace exuding refined luxury.
Refined luxury home interior (theartofbespoke)

The right lighting plan highlights the room and gives depth and dimension to the overall space.

A living room with blue chairs and a fireplace, achieving refined luxury.
Beautiful refined luxury in this room (

Simple furnishings of good quality and a clutter-free space exude luxury.  Invest in handsome cabinets or other storage options to keep clutter at bay for a more luxurious space.

Get the Look of Refined Luxury in Your Living Room with Couches and a Fireplace.
Room of refined luxury (

Invest in a few stand-out pieces of furniture or art to inspire the design of your room.

A living room with wood paneling and a fireplace, creating an atmosphere of refined luxury.
Luxurious and refined interior design (6sqft)

Color can translate to luxury when used smartly in a room.  Stick with just two or three colors that combine well.  Start with two colors and add an accent to those.

How to Get the Look of Refined Luxury in Your Living Room.
Beautifully appointed luxury interior (famsome)
How to Get the Look of Refined Luxury in Your Black and Yellow Living Room.
Well designed luxury interior (idesignarch)
How to Get the Look of Refined Luxury in Your Home using a black and white chevron pattern.
Luxury interior (stardust.decorstyle.blogspot)

Luxury is about comfort and refinement.  These are easily achieved with quality furniture, a good lighting plan, refined use of color and the application of the elements of design.

A living room with refined luxury featuring wood beams and white furniture.
Luxury interior (smalldesignideas)



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