Haute Couture Interior Design

A living room with a coffee table and Haute Couture interior design.

We are most familiar with haute couture fashion; that glamorous and, often times, rather extravagant parade of luxuriousness that graces the runways during Fashion Week.  And as we know, fashion often dictates or mirrors trends in interior design.  When haute couture meets interiors, we are given a glimpse into exclusive, one-of-a-kind design that demonstrates the designers’ unique style and inventiveness.  Here are a few interiors that exhibit the exclusive, high quality essence that is haute couture interior design, along with a few inspiring runway designs from Paris Fashion Week 2015-16.  In these runway fashions you can see where the interior designers gain their inspiration.

A living room with haute couture orange furniture and a fireplace.
Haute couture interior design (HGTV)

Bright color, unique furniture and lighting designs fill this interior with fashionable style.  It is the color and form that resembles the haute couture of Versace for 2015-16.

A living room with white furniture and pink haute couture accents.
Haute couture interior design (HGTV)
Four haute couture models walk down a runway in colorful dresses.
Versace Haute Couture Fall 2016 (diez-pasarelas)

Accent and bedside tables of simple design alongside a lovely chaise lounge and extravagant chandelier give this room unique appeal.

A bedroom with a bed, chair, and a painting on the wall featuring haute couture interior design.
Beautiful meshing of color, form and function (idesignarch)

Trend-setting lighting gives this room a bold style upgrade.

A stylish kitchen with a dining table and chairs, designed with haute couture interior design.
Refined taste is haute couture (worldpropertyjournal)

Clean lines, a simple color palette and quality pieces mark this space as couture.

A living room with vases of flowers and a cowhide rug featuring haute couture interior design.
A bit haute couture (denoxa)

Exclusive furnishings and lighting are a feature of these interiors.

A haute couture dining room with a glass table and chairs.
Haute couture interior design (protecting18-rssing)
A grand lobby adorned with a magnificent chandelier exuding an air of haute couture interior design.
Haute couture Ilrari (ilrari)

A design that combines classic with contemporary pieces gives this room trend-setting style.

A living room with elegant chairs and a grand piano.
Haute couture interior design (Architectural Digest)

One-of-a-kind furnishings and lighting mark this interior haute couture.  Pieces designed specifically for an interior lend originality and quality to a space.

A high-fashion interior design of a living room with large windows.
Haute couture in interior design (covetedition)

The Couture Suite at the St. Regis Hotel in Rome, Italy is aptly named.

Haute Couture living room design with a chandelier in a hotel.
St. Regis Hotel, Rome. The Couture Suite (idesignarch)

Unique furniture design plays a large part in haute couture interiors.

A living room with a large haute couture painting on the wall.
Couture interior design (gedikeurope)
A checkered floor in an haute couture interior design.
Haute couture interior design (secondshelters)

Trying something new, like this dramatic wall treatment, exhibits couture origins.

A living room with a round table and chairs featuring Haute Couture Interior Design.
Interesting wall treatment is an exclusive (Interior Design Magazine)

Unique seating and stylish color combinations make the grade in this couture interior.

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A living room with a chic couch and elegant coffee table.
Unique and trend-setting couture design (homedec2u)

Playing with color, form and texture gives this room a couture essence.

A haute couture rug in the living room.
Couture interior design (nydesignagenda)

Infusing intriguing shapes into a design create an interior that flows.  Designing furniture that conforms to the overall design is a mark of couture.

A modern living room with a curved sofa and chairs designed with haute couture interior design.
Modern trend-setting décor (interiordesign2014)

Embracing the extravagant and using a variety of patterns and colors epitomizes haute couture style.

A Haute Couture living room with zebra print furniture.
Haute couture in the home (bestdesignevents)
A model showcases a pink dress on the runway.
Julien Fournie Winter 2015-2016 (fashionwindows.net)

Using a bold accent gives this room a dynamic appeal.

A haute couture home office featuring blue chairs and a chandelier.
A bit of couture in this design (reignmag)

Custom luxury furnishings and gilded accents create an ethereal style.

A living room with white furniture and framed pictures designed in Haute Couture Interior Design.
Couture living room designed by Megan Winters (worldlivinglifestyle)

High-quality pieces and a soothing color palette give this space a sharp fashionable style.

A modern bedroom with a large bed and Haute Couture interior design.
Couture interior (designmena)
A woman in haute couture walks down the runway.
Julien Fournie Winter 2015-2016 (blogs.ft)

Black is always in style and using it in new and different ways gives it an update.

A black and white living room with a sleek staircase designed with Haute Couture touch.
Lush couture design (home-designing)
A model walks down the runway in a black gown during a haute couture fashion show.
Julien Fournie Winter 2015-2016 (fashionwindows.net)

A touch of modern luxury amid rich architectural details elevates the elegance in this room while giving it an of-the-moment appeal.

A haute couture dining room featuring a chandelier and a dining table.
An eclectic mix in this couture space (adelto.co.uk)

Unique modern accent furnishings and lighting form a pleasing contrast with traditional architecture.

A round bed showcasing haute couture interior design in a bedroom.
Inspired design in couture interiors (adelto.co.uk)

Haute couture doesn’t always have to be extravagant.  Simplicity is elegance for couture interiors.

A monochrome rug for haute couture interior design.
Simple and chic interior (mandarineoriental)

Beautifully crafted furniture designed in classic silhouettes highlight this paneled room.  The rich wood contrasts nicely with the creative ceiling treatment and light fixture.

A living room with wood paneled walls and a fireplace designed with a touch of haute couture interior design.
Couture design (luxguru.typepad)

A home that glistens with sophistication and embodies the essence of current trend is haute couture.

A black and gold living room with a zebra rug, featuring luxurious Haute Couture interior design.
Exclusive haute couture interior (metrie)

Unexpected shapes appeal in this dining room with nature-inspired wallpaper and geometric patterned upholstery.  The striped panels and zebra-print rug further enhance the overall pattern play.

A dining room with haute couture interior design featuring zebra wallpaper and chairs.
A beautiful display of haute couture design (thedesignsoc)

Haute couture interiors are a fusion of high quality, extravagant, fashionable design.  Sometimes bold and impractical, other times subtle and sublime, haute couture can bring the unexpected into interiors.  Straight from the fashion runway, interior design mirrors and is inspired by the creative designers behind the world’s on-trend and one-of-a-kind creations.

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