8 home bar ideas that you’ll adore – Part one

A bar with purple chairs in a hotel room.

If you want a nice place in your home where you could relax after a long day, but you’re not much of a party person, then the home bar is the perfect solution for your needs. Check out the next few ideas that we carefully picked out specially for you.

Chic bar
If you’re a fan of the more luxurious looking bars, the right choice for you is a big glass showcase that would allow you to expose your favorite kinds of liquors. Combine that with crystal glass set and you have your own chic home bar.

A white couch in a living room with home bar ideas.
Perfectly organized bar
This kind of home bars is suitable for people who just love to organize things. If you want them to be happy, then everything has to be in its proper place. That’s why this particular bar is the right option for them – it has enough space to put every single bottle where it belongs.

A bar with an impressive display of liquor bottles on the wall.
Cart bar
The cart bar is probably the best choice for small spaces. You can either drag it along wherever you go, or you can stash it in the closet when you don’t need it anymore. Not only it’s practical, but it’s nice looking too.

A black bar cart with a mirror, perfect for your home bar ideas.
Hidden bar
If showing off is not your thing, or you just want a safer environment for your children, then the hidden bar is the best option for you. Although your bar wouldn’t be visible for everyone, it doesn’t mean that it can be good looking. Invest in some built in furniture and give it a try.

Carpet as an investment

A home bar with a chair.
If neither of these options are the right choice for you don’t forget to check out the next four ideas for home bars in Part two!

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